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A complete stressbuster

I had been planning on buying a few plants for my terrace garden, as I haven’t had a chance to go out in the past seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, I convinced my husband to go with me and we went to the nearby nursery to get a few plants. I picked five different of flowery plants for cheap prices. I got a discount too.

As soon as the sun went down a bit, I went off with my stuff and got on with it. It was a rather hot day. So, there was no way I could do my gardening during the daytime. I took five pots and filled it with sand, cocopeat, manure. After planting them, I watered the plants and placed in the shade. And that’s when I saw this beauty. My wild orchid had bloomed. Of course, I took a picture. I will share that tomorrow here. It is an absolute beauty.

And the whole process rejuvenated me and it was a complete stressbuster. I know many people have turned to gardening during the pandemic, as we do not have the option of going out so much.

5 thoughts on “A complete stressbuster”

  1. I absolutely love gardening. You are correct….it is so relaxing to dig into the dirt with your hands, plant seeds and watch them grow. This year I only grew heirloom tomatoes on the lower balcony. On my upper balcony I have a few different flowering plants. One I absolutely love is my Night Jasmine. The scent flows through the door and it is so wonderful. Can’t wait to see your Orchid.
    We have a local group that trades plants. With so many people being stuck at home through this pandemic many started growing plants for the first time. So they sign up for this group where they trade. I saw the story on our local news station. Us humans can be so creative.

    1. Oh I am so delighted to know that you share my enthusiasm for gardening. I am sorry I got in late replying back. I had 2 busy days, and just sat down to check my comments and messages here. I grow mint, turmeric, ginger, eggplant, aloe vera, basil and many varieties of indoor plants. I have only two types of orchids. One is known as Dancing Girl and the other looks like an eagle when bloomed. I agree that we can be pretty creative. 🙂

      1. My father always planted a large garden every summer when I was young so my memories of fresh vegetables are wonderful. Maybe next summer I’ll be able to plant more on the back hill. I just have to work on the path and hire a crew to make layers on the hill. We shall see how that all turns out.
        The Dancing Girl Orchid sounds beautiful.

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