A Catchoo!

This is a picture of one of my brother’s cats taken by him on my camera! He asked if he could take a look at it so I passed it to him. As he was inspecting the camera one of his cats came in and sat centre stage right in front of us. It was obvious that the cat had a sneeze brewing up inside so my brother quickly set up the camera and pointed it at his cat and waited for the feline explosion. I still maintain to this day that he was lucky to get this capture the way it turned out – he says no, and that it was down to his photography skills.

You decide.

6 thoughts on “A Catchoo!”

  1. When it comes to photography my brother could be considered as a ‘heavy-weight.’ He has sold many of his photographs in the past so he could be viewed as a professional. But with all things in life sometimes luck plays a hand, and lady luck certainly smiled upon him on that day.

    1. LUCKY him. I have been trying to convince my son to print his photos on large canvas/metal/acrylic pieces to sell because his photos are amazing. But he won’t. He says he just takes photos for himself …his hobby. I get my photos printed on large pieces to give as gifts. it’s fun for me and people absolutely love them. How I know is that I see them hanging in their homes. But he is like me when it comes to art. I keep my art for me…..or I gift a piece now and again…..but it isn’t something I would do for a living.

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