A Call For Aid

The day had been going well for Andrea; she had set out at the crack of dawn with her prize Strawberry. Her destination, the great town of TrickleTreacle, had an old and wise resident going by the name of Binhear Foreva, and it was his vast and worldly experience in lore, and beyond, that she needed to help identify the mystical properties of her giant sugarplum.

Everything was fine and sunny when she set out, prior to that she mustered together a few of her friends to help load the Strawberry onto her little cart – it weighed a ton and was very squishy and juicy so great care was needed to safely load it. Her faithful steed, Amberose, was hooked up to the cart, and after saying her farewells she and Amberose set out on their long journey to TrickleTreacle.

About midday the weather took a turn for the worse and stormy rain clouds began to gather across the land bringing with it strong gusty winds. Andrea looked up at the stormy sky and began to sing to take her mind off it, but suddenly there came a great crack of thunder from above followed by a blinding flash of lightening. Amberose, being of timid personality, reared up in fright and broke away from the harness attaching him to the cart and bolted off homeward bound. Andrea called him back but by this time his galloping speed meant that he was now far away and out of earshot. Andrea looked up to the sky in despair as it started to rain. . .she was now stranded and alone with a precious cargo. What was she to do?

Fortunately, Andrea possessed her own powerbase from which she could draw upon in moments of dire need. She closed her eyes as she defended her skirt and hat from the gusty winds blowing around her and fell deep into concentration. Andrea’s power dwelled in the ability to communicate with Butterflies; she summoned all in the local area to come to her aid. Soon hundreds of Butterflies fluttered into view in answer to her call. She asked them to go to the mountains, track down and find Brandall, then tell him that Andrea urgently needed his help.

Andrea maintained her concentration and soon she heard another rumble, but this was not the rumble of thunder, the rumble came from the giant paws slowly treading their way towards her. Brandall loomed into view and although Andrea still had her eyes closed she could feel his colossal presence disturbing the air.

There was a time not so long ago when Andrea had helped Brandall rid himself of honey thieves that had become a massive thorn in his side. She had shown him a simple trick to stop the theft of his honey stash and after taking her advice had never looked back. He had told Andrea that he was indebted to her and, if at any time in the future she needed his help she only had to find him and ask.

Brandall had a sweet tooth, and besides honey he had a penchant for anything succulent and sweet. Andrea smiled when she had a vision of Brandall picking up the Strawberry knowing full well that he couldn’t eat it. . .she began to giggle at the mental image.

2 thoughts on “A Call For Aid”

  1. i hope Brandall doesn’t eat the strawberry or she will lose her price and his “help” will not prove to be very helpful. Will we learn in another episode?

  2. I like to think that Brandall would keep to his word and not dishonour it by munching away at Andrea’s strawberry. I have no plans for writing a continuation – my pictures are single stories, a captured moment in time. And of course, my readers have their own imaginations so I will leave it to them to decide what happened next.

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