a bagpipe hymn….fulfilling a promise to Monica

I love bagpipes as I indicated in the prior “thought”. Here is a not so old song (written I think in the 1800s) that I love on the bagpipes. This particular version has the advantage of showing some beautiful scenery that I want to believe is Scot but I can’t be sure, and it truly doesn’t really matter that much. It is still outside and lovely views.

And here is another version.

2 thoughts on “a bagpipe hymn….fulfilling a promise to Monica”

  1. LOVE these. So beautiful.
    We use to have a poster on here years ago who recently passed who learned to play bagpipes when he was young. He lived in Canada where they have a large population of Scots. Only person I know who played them.
    Thank you for sharing these. Now I can’t stop humming Amazing Grace.

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