Oh well, two meets the eye. It was when i wanted to go outside your environment, i wanted clean air, i wanted to escape the brown lux of profanity, i am not prolific, no i am not kind, but you said i would head up to our place, maybe i will keep my toes cold inside my socks,, keep it all to myself, until i no longer need it..and yes i will not need it. keep it cold, keep it, until i no longer can bear it. i cn no longer wait for the sentimental knocks on my head, hoping it will get better, i can no longer drink the coffee that comforts me which you prepared to calm my veins, for yin and yang can still be true, i can no longer see,. Dreams are entirely provocative, giving me the unending desire to postpone a hinch of a better perspective, I doubt that the universe will give me strength and I doubt the world to commesurate. The end will always be near, i am afraid, and you are too. Tell me under the trees. Before I go, before it drops to the ground, my tears of unending.

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