Change Dies to Itself


The music starts and silence opens to the effect.

After a blip of stillness, a thought about the trillions of cells that run me, emerges.

I am a co-operation. The CEO, me – is a changeling managed by organisms who cannot converse. I am a communion. There are systems that run me. There is no me. I stand in front of a collective that hums in the background. Ever present, watchful and co-operating to give me life.

Perpetually forgetting what an amazing creature I am, I continuously demean the incredible multi-organism I refer to as me. A me who has materialized from within this reality wondering why it is here. The question surges through my veins depositing a yearning in my heart. Where am I? How come I ask that question?

I am a process of change transforming through, according to scientists, a predestined will. Confident that there may be an argument here does not alter my intuition that the scientists are correct.

It is a moment of consultation with my inner self, whom, in offering silence causes an empty pause. I bask in its rhythm and savor at my existence.

I am a wonder of engineering – a complex blueprint whose code is beyond my deciphering ability. A new fact that adds to my amazement and teaches the depth of my ignorance.

There are countless methods that increase awareness. Each method proclaims itself, the best. The confusion causes anxiety and everyone argues. Who is right? My relation to the magnitude of this earth and the universe humbles me. I am minuscule. I have no answers. Is there a superior somewhere in control?


Remembering the combined life force of this planet’s trillion creatures, I sense a greater collective force.  Pulling back and looking at the contrast between what is known and unknown, I wonder how my insignificance could make a difference. Does it matter what I do next?

“Oh yes,” my thought jumps up, “it matters! The next decision will cause a reaction and affect the continuum. Your input alters the grandeur of what is not yet manifested. The spiral imprisoning you longs for your next dream.

Reality is set. Inaccessible. Your new dream and first step towards it, realizes your future. You are a creator with a responsibility, the CEO of your being. Your ignorance advises considering actions more carefully. Your wisdom reminds you of the possibilities within any problem and helps configure a solution. Resisting the problem is a futile endeavor and a waste of energy.”

Believing a subjective intent could affect an ocean of what needs change, seems fanciful. Undaunted, imagining millions of humble efforts directed towards the same goal, I feel joy. I have no doubt the goal can be realized.  However, we need believers that think they make a difference in the continuum.

In the meantime, I will believe in my difference. I will dream the world of my ideals. Based on that dream, I will make kinder decisions.

Peace begins with me. I wish you peace … it is a choice.


4 thoughts on “Change Dies to Itself”

  1. Yes, peace does begin within your being. I’ve said this before … I’m in awe of your expressions of the English language and how intelligently you weave words in expressing yourself. It’s a gift my friend!

    1. I am not secure in my writing and your supportive words mean so much to me. Thank you. May your new year be filled with the laughter that doubles you over until your sides hurt and your heart bursts with joy.

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