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My values system

Well A lot of people in his world wanted to know and are eager about my belief system legend’s I follow and specially what my values system is.

My values system is take a stand for your duty in your conflict between duty and desire

Let me define my deity to world

Single omnipotent Lord of entire universe

He has a crown and He is sitting on his throne

tirelessly running system of entire universe

and this process doesn’t weary him

No body can give him references of any body except when he permits.

never sleeps or yawn he commands happen and all forces of this universe get active to materialise it.

He is Alive and an eternal existence

Death had been created to limit of cardiac arrest

After leaving clay of body we astral travel

souls sinful starts straying and getting torment

virtuous souls stray with virtuous people of their dear ones

or those souls that get salvation ascend upward towards world of souls.

Almighty will pardon all Abrahamians motheistics but not hypocrites and polytheists

as Almighty has no parents siblings or children

He is neither begotten nor begets.

A glittering star ๐ŸŒŸ of Golden light whose exact image is described in Arabic Gospel

Arabic Gospel is being protected by Almighty

When True Furqan named modification was introduced

Idiots impured Arabic Gospel and Almighty Deformed them into creatures

Hence Arabic Gospel got proven it is Gabriel revealed words of Almighty

Because Torah Pslam and Bible has controversial allegations on prophets

and these were corrupted by monks and priests of that time.

but Arabic Gospel even did not explained those controversies

Grand Arabic Gospel verified Kane married to his twin and first murder in this world was to marry a women and to marry your twin sister.

but old testament has revealed human reproduction initially spread with cousin and sibling marriages to each other…

There is controversy of Ezra and Isis as Jews believe Ezra is orisis

while Muslim and Grand Arabic Gospel did not had single verse regarding wife of Ezra

When nebuchadnezzar devastated Babylon he burnt single page of Torah

Ezra slept for 100 years dead and rose up

he was remembrar of Torah and revived Torah

Children of Israel started calling him Son of God

as ezra is mentioned as Uzair who also had a twin aziz.

Seth was dear to Adam after he had lost ible

Grand Arabic bible is silent about wife of seth or yees AS.

but old Gospel testament revealed he also has to marry his sister

generation of Kane and seth reproduced inbred or with each other generation as cousin marriages

Devil can take form of ant creature

he came in form of a flute player

and just like snakes ๐Ÿ they started dancing waving on its beats.

Parties women men open dance and Sex trended

Ignorance was that extent siblings parents cousins opposite gender were sexually attracted and in bred

music was common alcohol was common and parties were common

worst ignorance

In Noah Period They crafted with their hands idols of their saints and their own created creature became their deity

Almighty drowned all polytheists in thunderstorm and monotheism was revived

Noah is known as second father of human race.

Incest in Islam was common as jihalat or ignorance before last prophet SAW arrived.

Marrying step mothers aunts step or complete siblings was common

Last prophet was revealed to eradicate jihalat and revealed complete verse against jihalat or incest

cousin marriages were permitted

non blood relative attachment was forbade and on sexual attraction marriage or contract marriage paid known of girl friend was permitted

verses has revealed girl friends or knees or concubines in paid form were legalised.

science for eradicating jihalat was incest even in cousin marriages are resulting in genetic disorders and deformation but QURAN knew this 14000 years

s ago

Last prophet warned

don’t share room of even blood siblings

or hush hush papa sleeping

I confess I molested one of my sibling but in was in subconscious sleeping condition this is known as moon walking but it did transgressed to sex as I was illiterate how sex is done…

molesting was like massaging is performed in massage centres

I did my first sex and interiors with my wife

A tiktok dancer has become Transgender or she male because of male hormonal disturbance and hairs have grown even beard and moustaches

this also happened in Pakistan

same hormonal disturbance happened to my sister

her male chormones increased and beard grow on face but I pleaded for her to Almighty and I also prayed Almighty to make her my hoor in paradise

hormonal disturbance stopped and hairs removed with laser therapy.

Arabic Gospel says Loot PBUH was a righteous prophet and His nation was tormented along with his wife

Torah and Arabic Gospel conflict here

As Torah say two of loots daughters did incest with him for further reproduction and 2 tribes spread from these two generation

Arabic Gospel revealed later on that illegality and prohibited every kind of incest

Science found it genetic survival of humanity

but Arabic bible permitted cousin marriages scientfically motherly cousin marriages are secure because of different paternal genes although paternal cousin marriages are not prohibited but hole in heart

Haemophilia Thelasemia and deformities are resulting from paternal cousin marriages

Ishmealities are permitted 4 marriages at one time and in absence of marriage paid and contracted concubines and after completing agreement release them

motherly generation gap doesn’t matter if paternal caste and generation is different.

Similarly Abraham PBUH and his sister wife Sarah

Osiris Esra PBUH and his real sister wife IsIs

osiris anomther name of ezra

Abraham and Osiris Esra PBUH married their siblings according to Torah

Arabic Gospel did not explained these incest allegations but prohibited it to future generations

scientifically Arabic Gospel is once again accurate.

incest child are born with many genetic disorders and deformities

Paternal cousin inherit genetic disease of cousins such as sinus.

Arabic Gospel is written And Almighty is capable to print thumb impressions of each and every human uniquely even twin siblings don’t have similar thump impressions

There are two different seas one’s salty water doesn’t cross or mix up with green water

obviously this exists

It also proved Almighty is Gaurding his Gospel of last warning as True Furqan deformed a girl in Oman into monkey deformed a Thailand idiot into popped out tongue and dragon penis…because he dearerd to urinate Arabic Gospel and radical conflict in faisalabad based women deformed her into python.

IN my values there are only two angels

one is recording virtues on right side

other angel is recording vices on left side

The Angel of death Aazreal

The Angel of revelation Gabriel

The Angel of climatic control Michael

and The Angel of trumpet ๐ŸŽบ blower at the day of judgement.israfeel

Well most loved and harmless people in Ishmealities are most absolute people that are to any extent free of evil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ viruses


not back stabbers

no hypocrisy

No backbiting


Not manipulative







swimming to opposing waves and making his way

Communicative to Almighty.

Legal marriages oriented

If offered a feast or gift will accept it

if not will not demand it.

such absolute people are heaven bondsman

provide them food or any meal you are eating at home

you will never see them eating snacks on roads

don’t bully them at home

nobody will dear to bully them publicly because of ethnic unity

provide them affordable care at home

You will never find them in miserable medical condition on shrines roads

Such absolute people are the weakest part of your family but their soul astral travels with you even after their death.

These absolute people are just like evil viruses free Artificial Intelligence robot..always scientific always accurate but totally unsocial.

and their unsociablity is to the extent of their unadopted devilish viruses.

and whoever interests will get conflict with him

will start becoming his foe

who ever will start recognising him

Will make him ideal.

He is crush of fairies in heaven

and of righteous ladies on earth.

Provide him basic needs in case his iQ is low

You don’t know but evil people will sensitise you that he will burden economy of your entire family

he will steal cheat and manipulate

and corrupt minds of your generation

you will have to rear generation that will depend on your economy to study and survive

but if he is absolute

than instead of these predictions

his attributes will be idealised

his role model will inspire instead of getting corrupt.

Instead of letting him alone

where he reaches to a condition

he does not care to have bath

shave hair cut daily change dress

Spend time with friends

you see him odd ..

understanding he lost from his circumstances

no settled businesswomen proposed him to earn big share in heaven as Princess of paradise

he has no skills and qualifications to survive

he has been biased for lack of smartness

Straight forwardness defamed him as idiot

and idiocy slandered him as addicted or alcoholic.

After his departure to his Palace and fairies in heaven

You will come to know he has hit the mark.

by fighting and curbing the evil within self.

and setting an example to be role model and ideal

he was only one and unique of his kind in entire world.

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