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Completing Education in impossible low budget.

In 2011 It took me 6 years to claim BS Business Administration specialising in Human Resource Management in AI built in India endorsed world level Equipped University

I earned This Degree with following fee structure with 2.32 or 55.63 CGPA percentage

Fee total cost of Degree is 85600 Rs

As I recorded lectures from campus labs in flash drives or external hard drives

E books and University hand outs

Online bookshop purchased CDs

These are not more than 50000 Rs for complete 6 years.

Master of Education cost 27500 in total for year

and M.A Journalism Cost 37580 for year

I have 800 Human Resources professionals on LinkedIn as active participant and educationists.

I have child friendly Unicef Training certificate

ECE training Endorsement on record

2022 and 2023 ECCE online training certificate

British Council EAste Teaching of English as primary teacher certificate.

HR Skills

First walk in interview

interviewd interviewers and persuaded them for selection.

Humiliated in an NGO and responded with that First walk in interview with priority over their HR policies composer.

Immediate Banking placement as Personal Banker and even manipulated management for desired duty station.

within 6 months OG 3 Permanent officer

Toxic workplace


harassment and bullying proved haphazard

for mental health

Medical ground break in service based on medical certificate denied.

Situation well plotted for job quit.

Resigned and after completing notice period.

stopped going branch

Headquarters Telephone to rejoin and name conspiring suspects as Dashboard is showing gradual progress and it is not in comfort zone. It will gradually getting up to the mark as direction is positive.

Human Resource Manager interview call from confidential organisation

No money

concussion and psychedelic mind

No knowledge of whereabout of company

Education Department Primary Teacher

Arts Test 78

Science Test 56

Cleared interview

Placed on merit

both of my sister and brother got seat in

privatised schools

my younger brother used his influence to readjust them in nearest premises

but I was on merit here as well

but toxicity of community and colleagues and stereotypical bullying proved to be detrimental to my sensory processing struggling senses…..

But nobody noticed KG villager students started rhyming in English and kalmas in Arabic.

Than a glorious period had started when actually students started acquiring from me whose defense mechanism I was successful in breaking..

They are shining and progressing.

The transfer here was online.

but The level of competency I have I am best fit for administrative posts.

Education has become business of schools and universities

banana Republic

Laws are spider Web bigger insects break it smaller get stuck in.

No jobs without bribe political reference and strong family background

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