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Social bias towards special need individuals

When we talk about bias and prejudice it is not confined to particular category people it is extended to underprivileged and special need people and the way they face social bullying that is also extended to workplace as well.

Every department institution source of earning is bribery wether you want transfer in a desired school on compassionate grounds Only bribery will invoke their compassion

If this transfer is on hardship only market value of seat as a bribery is charged and risk free candidates are favoured.

Such as after this crime no issue is created by opponents.

So as the candidate is not special need for whom special work place environment has to be created to ensure social bullying is not practiced as work place bullying.

Defamation and slandering may not give raise to social violence including society encountering inform of well set accidents every supporter of that one man army that define his reality to rest of world 🌎

And they got rid of their responsibility to accommodate special need employees by increasing their conveyance allowance that means those employees that have poor motor skills and memorisation or those employees that are patient of aphasia Agnosia and prosopagnosia and that consistently face social bullying on daily basis in stranger place why they are not transferred on compassionate grounds to nearest duty station why government doesn’t conduct medical examination formulate medical board on being found capable to perform their duties within their limitations why institutions doesn’t declare them exceptional case and formulate laws to provide them relief in exception

Their poor motor skills are proved but he doesn’t had a mobility disability certificate so he arranges a carry vehicle for this purpose That drops him 30 minutes late on arrival and 30 minutes late on pick as he is performing well his nature of disability is not defined and no disability certificate is issued to him it has radical reasons behind the mischief that his unhealthy mind is source of is propagating they want Almighty to torment him without realising the fact they are bargaining with unhealthy mind and Dewanas are people of heaven exempted from sins.

I have proven with practical implementation that Special need employees manipulate digital and cyber world with expertise and great skills

They manipulate palm top laptop Personal computer Androids Smart appliances such as LCD LED projector Microwave oven Iron Smart inverter Air conditioner commanding assisting servants robots. And more advanced cyber and Smart devices and applications

Smart class rooms recorded lectures exposure to digitally well equipped class rooms inclusive class rooms inclusive workplace

Even News Media has been digitalised over night digital printing of news papers computer installation and use of satellites live telecast and news updates.

We should know this is world of smart class rooms where a teacher is a facilitator and mentor

A student can take lecture on projector through online work shop through online recorded lectures recorded CDs and flash on PCs.

People demoralised and slandered me because I have become special need person neither that social maturity has sniffed me that include worldly human viruses nor they found a best fit man in me that can take marital responsibilities of his women independently and it was need of time a Sapiosexual women marry him

The time is not away when I after showing performance hard work dedication and commitment my services will be urinated third time on my face declaring me medically unfit even worse disables are serving in the department

On compassionate grounds Only bribe is bargained

This not only confined to hardship transfers

Mutual transfers are having deal of money between both parties based on any agreed amount

Politicians show favouritism mentally sound having 2 legs 2 arms candidates with risk free case hardship candidates are transferred and priorities over technically sound special need employees with risk of social violence and workplace bullying.

The efficacy that I have shown and proven not even their single employee have shown I have become a subject on whom the smart technology successfully applied and I can’t monetarily capitalise it but surely IT sector of this thankless state would be forced to mainstream it as Artificial Intelligence application to human brain 🧠 and it will also be taught as subject to universities

On dewanas laws are not applied but laws are reviewed.

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