Torments for Undertaking

I am victim of short term memory loss that is what I am accused for They crimed me that sin God is still in continuous avenge for Friedrich Netzsche Prophesied its followers cut ✂️off poor needy deserving weaker and handicapped people if they want their Superman who will lead A dominant nation

They are perfectly following this prophecy I am struggling hard I may not get burden on economy of my home economy of my siblings economy of my parents specially economy of my country but They have jackass determination I even become burden on my life Here weaker people are cut off by drugs sexual abuse when their inner ignition of feelings long for touch of women they start taking amusement from their blood addiction it is that sexual abuse women dare with men families abuse themselves their non earnings idle organs

Women are bearing torments like breast cancer blood cancer hormonal disturbances men hair growth in women ovary cancer and natural gender change into male with hormonal disturbances torments

I am also patient of moon walking and what I see in dreams or experience in dreams I speak it and perform it or moon walk it and I had been in intense ignition of feelings when I moon walked in consciouse and subconscious state That Pilgrim dared to abuse that particular state that mutated into a python and that is torment inviting sexual abuse in law and decree of God. As I was a case of manipulation and sexual bullying and physical bullying these are torment inviting sins. Had world vividly experienced it ?

I had been blessed with that miracle that not even a single person ever had been bestowed

This uncontrolled ignition has been watered with Resperidone that induce Nocturnal Penile tumescence erection as libido reversal has not been anti doted my marital life is seriously getting effected because of sexual attempts dysfunctions

This decree of God or miracle might not reach to its accomplishment to reproduce a Geoffrey inviting further torments

I have been developed into sapiosexual for sapiosexual developed educated self sufficient and financially independent wife but this nation settled for every un natural and Anti God decree settlement.

Everybody has different examination paper of life solve it your self don’t copy each other to succeed in hereafter.

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