How Easy It was

How easy it had been to break all the threads of my support

As not scissors only nails of fingers proved enough

How easy it was when my brain was showing progress educably to psychedelic it

How white collar crimes protection you have to Manipulate the persuaded relations like Able and Kane one half murder the other and mysterious spirit appear to inform Now you will get all mistaken

How easy it was when The Snake’s head was half crushed partially psychedelic and still got synchronised with cyber digital world for virtual qualification to cut short his monetary support from home and provide partial grant to His real half murderer brother Able this time in reverse order

How easy it was to psychedelic him totally on psychiatric drugs and dysfunction him for social functions with psychedelic Autism and Dementia.

How easy it was to bring family and social opposition together to disqualify when failed force to quit due to lack of independent mobility with psychedelic Dementia and Autistic mind.

Now potentially proving my performance and usability with total mechanism how easy it hammer me down for gardener work watering of plants and in absence reporting it as misconduct despite of hardworking 5 years of professional performance They will hunt me down for being socially Autistic

As in Banking I was reported misconduct for payable clerical work and despite of reporting out of order scanning machine and mouse unavailability mobilising entire family for Job quit despite of 9 months of hard working professional progress

Able running from the field because of him I was wrongly psychedelic with psychiatric drugs as I have already been defamed as drugs addict how easy it was for him to leave the battle field and leave me in strayed dogs..

How easy it is for these opponents behind to report misconduct and uncooperative allegations just not acting as gardener despite of showing so much dedication performance and persistence with tireless hard word

If they believe I am abnormal I am definition of normality and institution of Abrahamic School of thought whoever perceive my mental balance is not OK don’t perceive same childish thinking for my Creator or you will lose status of humanity.

My Sarah Sister saw in her dream granny weeping badly perhaps because of enraged treatment of society with me….Almighty is wrathful and he is inflaming his torment.

USA Priced my attributes that rarely an Muslim born has unified in one single individual that Muslim Born Christian Muslim president of USA Barack Hussein Obama Junior Announced in his 8 years tenure to close down Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp after diagnosing rare Muslim born like me on his visit to India His lips trembled with emotions and he hardly controlled breaking down into tears when he announced Seniorita In Large Cities I hope you understand One of India’s Ruling Star of world that is not only A born Muslim His mental foundation is still Islamic. Although Hindu extremists plotted to entrap him in blasphemy controversies and were successful when verdicts of assassination had been passed against him he came before Media replayed interview and brought facts before word his statements are manipulated from positive personalities to other side of statement Almighty saved him in this way.

Now perhaps why people with such rare attributes don’t survive Muslim with viruses of grudge Malice Enmity Lie corrupted radical belief system Hatred Greed of wealth status higher ladder than counterparts in qualification degrees income position and scale Addiction of drugs as replacement of worship of monotheistic God of Abraham making abusive words signifying God’s pardoned deeds of saints of ancient times part of their abusive language urging weaker and mean minds to dirt pure society

So as many human viruses in today’s Muslims show to non believers a dual picture so that they believe them If Islam is peace what are these radiating particles in them

If persuading with character transformation has on top prominence why they are doing this by force where are these Persuasive characters

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