Spirits of Apostles on layers of skies

It is believed Jesus Christ was crucified by Jewish Monks enmity grudge and verdict and he was ascended afterwards by Almighty Unilateral God On Heavens

Eden Paradise is mentioned in Gospel

Eden in Abrahamic Monotheism is that Paradise that where after torment of their deeds sinful believers will finally enter

Christian believe that Christ gave sacrifice for Salvation of Humanity

Muslim believe Last Apostle urged A Saint named Uwais Qarni to supplicate for salvation During supplication He was awaken and he described his intuition from His Lord Allah that He pardoned half of his Nation You interrupted supplication or he had invoked Lord for entire nation salvation

Now Christian believe are affirmed in Islam with modifications such as Easter is affirmed with modifications Christ was never crucified He was ascended to 2nd layer of sky with spirit of John The Baptist

But Salvation of believers among people of book is verified in Eden by Islam after inflicted torment ends Jesus need not to offer such sacrifices

You can’t call God Father because He is not human he can’t start mirroring himself his own creature like humans create idols with their hands and start worshiping this life less creature of their hands

Noah nation built idol of their saints and built resistance to preaching of Noah and Almighty drowned all idol worshippers and monotheistic believers survived.

Muhammad was ascended towards His Lord Allah literally meaning Unilateral God of entire Universe

On first layer of sky Spirit of Adam live

On second Layers of sky his maternal cousins Jesus Christ in bodily mythical form with spirit of John The baptist live

On Third layer of sky All beauty of Earth Joseph met his Ancestors Abraham’s descendent Beauty of Universe Muhammad P.B.U.H

On 4th layer of sky he met Enoch PBUH

on 5th resides spirit of Aaron PBUH

On 6th The Moses spirit stays with consultation of Moses initially so much greater in number prayers 50 in numbr reduced in number to 5 times a day

He ripped into shreds with a say Greater in number your nation will enter paradise than mine.

On 7th layer of sky Abraham’s spirit stays father of Prophets

Today’s Jews have genetic sample proof that Abraham PBUH and Sarah were half siblings means same father and different mother From Jacob to Moses All Prophets are descendent of Abraham and Sara This data is taken from Google and in Islam these facts are blasphemous because In Islam it is believed they were first cousins

This is a fine difference between Judaism and Islam Inscest is legal in Judaism but in Arabic Bible it is Taboo Arabic Bible is more close to science in reason genetic blood closeness even between permitted cousins in Islam is resulting genetic diseases like hole in heart Thalassemia Heamophilia etc..

Islam is spread from heterogeneous couple of Abraham and Hager and Homogeneous Incest is Taboo in this religion Ishmael PBUH is ancestor of Islam.

Along with Arabic Bible The Pslam will be recited on day of resurrection

Muhammad PBUH has been sent as Warner and Glad Tider that is wrongly translated as one who spreads terror.

It is destined Jews will reconstruct Solomon Temple and terminator will emerge in Persia in Persian Jewish Couple….Jesus Christ will assasinate This Jewish Terminator and establish Abrahamic rule of law in entire world…words of Almighty Unitary Lord predicting unseen will come true with be and it is commandments and He does not turn back his promise and words.

Miracle of Muhammad PBUH is He has a transparent body for light unlike our opaque bodies through which light can not pass and obstruction of light creates our shadows Muhammad PBUH has no shadow

Muhammad had a Miracle of multiplication of any thing in number such as dates sheeps water food

Such as the living things started multiplying with sexual or a sexual reproduction like budding a date into two than three four multiplying to infinite number

From a bowl of water multiple people use to wash their body before prayer

His Saliva was remedy of stings diseases like Jesus christ.

He antidoted Snake poison of Abubaker with his Saliva.

He rarely cursed for somebody but it proved to be a Sharap.

With his curse his idolatrous uncle’s son was eaten by a Lion even he was placed on fine height.

His prayer was just a wait of seconds for approval

It was immediately answered he has kept one pray reserved for approval that is Salvation of his Nation.

His body is intact in his resting place and his brain 🧠 is alive..His heart re impulsive

A badu came to him and seek permission of illicit sexual relationships He asked him would you like your mother daughter sister indulge in sex business he said Never than He supplicate Oh Almighty Safeguard his assets and get him married..same miracle I experienced hence

Proved supplication of Muhammad P.B.U.H for me

Muhammad Guarantee Paradise for those male and female who watch their tongue and mind their language and safeguard their assets

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