7 Paradises and 8 entry gates

There are 8 entrance gates in Paradise

Charity Gate

The generous people who massively charity will enter through this Gate including charity of wealth value able literature and food to Almighty creature animals birds etc

Pilgrimage Gate

Abrahamic Monotheistic pilgrims will enter through this gate

Anger management Gate

Those who finely control their anger over brethren and forgive them will enter through this gate

Praising Almighty Gate

Those who extensively praise Almighty like birds will enter through this cause

Fighting Gate

Those who fight in cause of Almighty and martyr will enter through this gate the martyrs body does not decay for longer time.

Prayer Gate

Those who offer their prayers will enter through this Gate and prayer include Abramians Prayers.

Fasting Gate

Those who observe fast will enter through this gate.

Faith Gate

Those with firm faith in Almighty His decree and decisions and being contended with it in every circumstances firm faith in oneness of Almighty will enter through this gate

It is terrorism who say one component skipped non of gate will call him if prayers non regular but generous he will be called from charity gate

Paradise Eden

This is the ‘eternal place’. After repenting and facing punishments for every committed sin, Believer is given a place in this heaven. They would find a place in the Gardens of Edan. This is where one finds the greatest acceptance from God and marks the biggest conquest. The rivers that flow below the gardens provide everything that one wished for.

Paradise of Gardens

Firdaws refers to a garden with all kinds of plants. There are grapevines in the place. It is the most prestigious level and is described as superior to all levels

3. Paradise of Delight

, the Almighty spoke about this level and said that people who have faith in Almighty do good work. Their conviction directed them to stay good throughout their life and led them to this level. Such devotees would come across rivers flowing underneath them in the ‘Paradise of Delight’ and become a part of this level made of iron.

4. Garden of Abode

It is a resting place made of brass for devotees and martyrs. Mawa is defined as a place where people take refuge. It has homes and dwellings. Surah An Najm speaks about this level and calls it the ‘Garden of Adobe’ for refugees. It exists by a lote-tree, which stands at the periphery of heaven.

5. Garden of Immortality

This level is the ‘Garden of Immortality’ where one becomes eternal or immortal. Here one lasts forever. The level is promised to those who follow their path with the utmost devotion without transgressing from their path. This level of heaven compensates for the loss and hardship that one faces in the journey and brings the voyage to halt.

6. Garden of eternal place

It is a level of intrinsic nature. It is where the soul finds an eternal place to stay. a safe place where all sufferings and tiredness vanish. It is where nothing affects the soul.

7. Abode of well being

It is the abode of well-being. This is the seventh level of heaven, which is the home of safety and peace. , the Almighty calls back people whom he had willed to walk the Straight Path. , Almighty calls it a place where He would protect them.

Many scholars believe that there is the eighth level of heaven, called Illiyyun.

It is a home for the perfect (devotees/ believers). It is an abode of the Hafaza angels, who protect the souls. This is where people get the fruit for their righteous deeds





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