Philosophy of Life Universe and Almighty God in Godsman

Those people who call Godsman insane and question their mental health I have a question from them if they can reply what is perception of Almighty God in them aren’t they perceive different God as compared to Godsman why all insanely perceived Godsman have same perception of God Why they perceive same God that conflict each and every God of rest of world Righteous People have a straight path same concept of God similar intuition regarding philosophy of life origin of universe Human descending from paradise down the 7 heavens A Satan The Lucifer and regarding perception of God… why Majority of Righteous Godsman are perceived mentally ill Now it will be clear because that’s how they build perception of their Almighty God Look deeper into your outlook when you perceive Godsman insane or mentally ill how you perceive their perception of A GOD living within their imagination and hearts ๐Ÿ’• obviously peep inside your perception of His God that’s how you perceive him you perceive his healthy perception as mental illness Rest I can’t go blasphemous my wings burn here

Obviously if you wanted to replace Jehweh’s Allah Lord God Almighty selection you are not decentralised to do so the centralised authority is vested to Almighty

A Godsman whose face reflected on moon

A Godsman man who survived multiple cardiac arrests

A Godsman with penile regeneration miracle

When his appearance on moon was claimed massive rainfall resulted every claiming part of word

Yellow light creatures were captured in clouds in cameras flying in them Christians Jews Davids and Muslims identified these creatures as angels

A Godsman who brought all four Abrahamic Religions Judaism Davidims Christians and Muslims in United States of America and Continent Australia I.e Australia New Zealand on same page.

A Godsman whose voice or particular whistle tone gathers Birds ๐Ÿฆ sparrows crows meyna etc

People set their impure Dogs ๐Ÿ• on him

Still despite of deviations if still people believe if they perceive science of planet earth right in Arabic Bible Allah Himself declared Blinds and eye sight people People who perceive or people who perceive not could be equal

A Godsman who used to perceive philosophy of life from perception of English world World used to perceive a monkey in him

But when he started perceive life and philosophy of universe from divinely light World started perceiving unseen and they invented virtual world lenses and their computers decoded virtual world encoded science

That Godsman perceived this world is decoding science until it remains intact unless Almighty commands be and it is resultant desired change.

Now If you want to replace him that claimant has to reflect moon or every claimant has to be bestowed above privileges

Or every claimant is destined to mutate into Dragon Liar

Losers of this earth are winners of Paradise whose illumination is Light of Almighty Unilateral Lord of dominions of Universe

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