Hey Thinkr Admins! Big glitch spotted, I think

So… I just encountered something odd that I hope I misinterpreting the severity of.

WalkingonSunshine commented on my last post and I found something disturbing. There was an option that allowed me to edit WalkingonSunshine’s post? It seems like something that could be a very big problem. If any administrator is reading this ya might want to take care of that ASAP!

Also on a much less problematic, largely nitpick,  note, I saw no alert or notification that I had a response on the site itself though I did get one by email.

Might seem petty but I guess I thought I would try to get ahead of anything that could be a potential glitch or something in need of improvement considering the magnitude of the glitch that I just mentioned.

I mean, I certainly hope it’s a glitch! People editing other people’s comments just really seems to take away the integrity of said comment if it’s something that’s meant to be done. I can’t imagine it was something intended…

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    1. Nick you are correct in that all members on Thinkr are admins over their own blogs. Our members can not edit each others posts. Editing and approving comments on one’s own posts is an admin function made available by wordpress to help reduce issues like spam and trolling. Our community thrives on free speech and we support free speech on Thinkr. This feature is not a tool for censorship and any users that are censoring and changing others comments would soon find themselves without any comments to edit as doing so goes against the spirit of the community. Spam and trolling were two major challenges on thoughts.com and giving the power to our members to moderate their own blogs should be to the greater benefit of the Thinkr community.

      1. Well the power of editing other comments is tricky, if someone has a blog out that is between the lines of moral, and one comments and then the owner of that blog entry edits the comment and makes it illegal, then that person logs in once every month, he could find himself between bars in between that time, and he will eventually be free of any charge but in the meantime he could die from heart attack…the same with the ip and the email showing, Admin, you are I think a bit wrong in what you believe is right cause we are not living in an ideal World.

        1. I guess I can understand being able to delete comments one doesn’t like that another is responding to, but actually edit them? Feels like that would create its own kind of chaos. Like creating a “no faster way to fall out with someone” kind of thing.

          Cause how I’m interpreting this is, let’s say I write an honestly disagreeable, but diplomatic, response to another person’s blog. Well that person doesn’t like what I said so he can just go in and edit what I wrote. And unless I keep copies of my responses every time I respond, then I have no way of proving what I wrote was what I wrote.

          Unless I’m just misinterpreting what the edit feature does on other people’s comments? But if a person can edit other people’s responses then that just seems to be a way to push people away from the site. Protection against spammers is one thing but how do you protect against the people that are just being honestly in disagreement?

          What I’m saying is is that if I am interpreting this tool correctly it’s going to extremely discourage conversation. But maybe conversation isn’t what this site is about?

          1. That should be the least of your concerns, you are right but what worries me actually, is changing a comment and that could make you look like a criminal and with the right tools that person that his comment was edited to find himself between bars.

  1. Plus one can change their email without providing the password if they do it from Dashboard and then Profile, another glitch. I changed it and now it shows an email that don’t even know if it exists lol.

  2. Plus for some uknown reason, the email is shown on dashboard then comments and then under your name in occasions, alongside with the Ip of course. Another Glitch,

  3. Thank you for this post and bringing up the topic. This is not actually a glitch but rather the way wordpress handles admin functions. Each user is the admin over their own blog and posts. Users can not edit others users posts. Users can edit/approve comments left on their own posts. Giving users administrative control over their own blogs should help to reduce problems like spam and trolling. This gives more control to each member of the community and allows for our community to collectively moderate itself for the good of the whole. While this could be misused like any other website feature the benefits to the community and individual members will exceed the challenges. On Thinkr we support freedom of expression and this feature is not intended to interfere with free speech in any way. Thinkr users should benefit from this feature overall.

    1. With the ip that is showing and the email that is showing up and the edit feature, one that knows how to do it, can make someone look totally guilty without doubt and then not even you as Admin would be able to do anything other than still living in the ideal spirit World that you think that exists.
      Well that’s my opinion, difficult to happen but crazy persons exist, no doubt about that. ­čÖé

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