Caution – Asshole Alert

How clever you are, highly observant, noticing the foibles in others.  I agree,  there are assholes everywhere.

Unfortunately, while busy observing others,  you are not paying attention to the clues of your own assholeness.

Aren’t you lovely going around and pointing out everyone’s shit. Certainly, the world needs some cleaning up.

“Pick up your shit,” you yell knowingly.

Arrogantly you believe your shit does not smell.  A little aside?  All shit smells.  While you focus elsewhere, your own shit festers,  alongside the assholes’ shit you call out.   Not your fault, the truth is that none of us can smell their own shit or at least, we know it but forget that we too keep making shit that smells.

I wondered from listening to your rants about the assholes, who exactly deserves that label.  While you would have a long list of asshole behavior, I found only one reason.  Whittled down into its basic, assholes lack self-awareness.

Interestingly I see that you also lack this basic attribute.  For how could you be practicing self-awareness if you are so focused on others?

Are you paying attention to the smell of your own shit?  I have my doubts.  Increasing self-awareness requires a dedicated intent to become aware of our own behavior.  I see evidence you have not done this.

I will give you an example.  The other day you posted one those pre-authored quotes.  “I love real people who say what they mean and mean what they say.  No fluff, no lies and no pretense.”

Except dearest one, you mention others to me in a cutting and disparaging way while smiling, feigning good feelings and offering – let’s do lunch –  when those others are present.  Is that being real to you?

I know.  It’s okay.  I understand.  You hadn’t noticed that you do this.  If you had, then you would be practicing self-awareness and would have realized your phoniness.

Be advised, we are all assholes!  We all need to increase our self-awareness. Believing that you are exempt defines you as an ass too.



10 thoughts on “Caution – Asshole Alert”

  1. I see what you’re doing here: Using beautiful words to repel something ugly. I applaud your patience, m’dear.

    Say, is there a stoop ‘n’ scoop bylaw on this site?

  2. @genuinelikes I love your take on the classics “Those in glass houses” “Don’t take the stick out of your brothers eye take the log out of yours first”
    This also resembles Washington these days a Comedy of Ass sniffers and pickers

    1. Yes, you got me, this sentiment is quite old. However, it’s interesting how most have not understood or applied it to themselves or even realized how deep it goes.

  3. Well then. I am a patient observer of people. Haven’t had much time to peruse the blog posts, so I am in the dark on who you speak of. I will have to dig around. I do find that people do not realize how much their own issues are ignored to fix other people’s issues. Good post!

  4. Great write, you always know what to say and how to say it. I dealt with a LOT of weirdness on “Thoughts” – – it never ceases to amaze me how subhuman people act.

    1. Yes. Although this refers to someone in my life, it applies wherever people form relationships. You are right there – self-awareness needs a boost on this planet!

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