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I was gone for two days….but baaackkk now

Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!!!

Friday, my computer decided that slow was the way to go. I don’t mean it took 30 seconds to load a page. I mean 10 minutes to load a page. It took a couple of hours to get running so that I could surf at all.

Well fortunately I got the computer from Best Buy, and had it worked on at Best Buy, so the guys in Geek Squad took it in, and 2 days later, I got my computer back, and the cost …. a big ZERO.

You see I have a maintenance agreement on it, and they replaced my operating drive and got it only and it cost me nothing. Plus it took two days instead of the 3-5 they guestimated.

Again, I say HURRAH, for the Geek Squad!!! Oh, and for myself for having the presence of mind to take out a contract with them.

3 thoughts on “I was gone for two days….but baaackkk now”

  1. Device/Appliance insurance is something that most us invest in, although in most cases it’s giving money away for nothing. On those rare occasions when things do go wrong, and they’re covered by insurance, it makes you realise that at the end of the day it was a good idea.

    Glad to see you got the steam engine up and running again. 🙂

  2. LOVE the Geeks…..and Costco too. They offer a two year plan and thats besides the products protection plan.

    Gad things got worked out.
    One thing I know I need to do is find out what my password is so I can log in on my iPad and iPhone. I love saving my passwords to my MacBook because it’s such Apple products are so safe. BUT…my mind got so lazy I can’t remember any passwords and can’t log on anywhere else. BUT….tonight I am going to get the password from here finally sign in on one of the other 2. What if something crashes and I can’t find anything? Well…I am sure there is a way but I don’t think my mind can actually do the work to figure it out.
    Anywho…….it’s Autumn 🙂

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