34 years of Life

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Last october was my 34th birthday but my struggle will end with my life it is getting vivid as I am continuously gaining knowledge and psychiatric drugs that I used is not stopping my brains gradual degeneration I am clearly using Hawking communication as I can now make sense after reading and my typing fingers express better than my tongue Every coming day has ensured it my home and all stakeholders are expecting higher social functions from me but in actual irony is an ignorant is entrapped in higher educated stunted people to be another case study in society.

Without realising the fact I discovered coincidently artificial intelligence application on my brain with all the devastation of my brain after getting victimised byproduct of their Biased and personally obstinated Revenges.

I severly struggle in making sense and clearly perceiving sensory impressions I hear aloud I struggle in imprinting faces storing names of multiple people and carrying out operations such as driving.

As you might have guessed despite of so much world media promotion They dismantled my brain health to ensure I don’t carry out matrimonial responsibilities with sound and healthy mind as the one who can drive purchase a car.

After all devastation I thought my family will support me atleast but anybody who stands up in support of me is having life penalty directly

I thought my elder brother’s wife will perform role of my second mother but she start discriminating at first before any other part of my family does this

I just wanted to marry to leave my generation behind because I am suspecting early aging progeria due to long term drugs intake….

My brothers forced me to go for job to that extent after 4 years of joblessness When I went for job I was lean and malnutrition

Neither Mother gave me monthly pocket money nor any of my brothers monetary supported me Only Dad used to support me

He launched a bookshop for me but customers relation was greatly effected due to perception and stereotypes that were built against my previous reputation and image in their narrow mind sets…

Customer mistrust in my entrepreneurship potential and a perception how a normal person can leave prestigious banking job for his sole proprietorship devastated my image to get illegible for a marriage

It became evident how much I have been defamed considering my manhood on my one drive of this hotmail account I posted my errected penis and size and I was chemically made emotionless

My younger brother’s wife treat like a case study spit on her profession as she is competent examination hired professional Doctor as Now she is in a kind of revengeful mindset and not only she is driving my younger brother mind she is in revengeful mindset regarding me. Because not only she but wife of my elder brother and all women of this fatherly and motherly family has realised I am that person for whom they are mistaken. I hit my younger brother wife only because even after 1 and half year She has not conceived a child.

As people consider me unbearable actor My brother looks wanted to get rid of me because they may want me to ride to school and sooner or later my chapter of life will end in a horrific road accident

After me blessing in disguise will take all its attention to this country with him First impression is ever lasting impression and I will martyred every impression with me imprinting a vicious and horrific image of this country in developing and developed minds wrote such poem it was same day when entire province had earthquake shock my life and survival is a life line for this country the day I am dying Everything will be finished by the Undertakers survive or lag behind…there is no third option It was Donald Trump that had leniency on them Arabic bible is not wrong Their Prophet is perfection but what viciousness they did with his grandchildren and descendants is history how I can expect empathy and humanity from them being outsider.. Perhaps I am going to be tested Positive for COVID 19 because of breathing difficulty and Nausea I have..it proved to be a misconception…I am still Covid 19 negative people are dying around me but 2019 2020 2021 I have successfully escaped so far.

All my mistakes in life were social invoke and abuse supernatural incidences around me are proof God has made social abuse responsible for all disasters and these are blunders that they did not even repudiated …They did not compensated their blunders …

The nature of my disability is alarming and severe am misfit to indepedently further live this life..And The suicide in my religion is unforgivable eternal torment the way one suicides..

I am in perplex that I can’t live this life independently Lives of supporters are uncertain and I am terrified from post suicide after death life..I am misfit to live either I can’t suicide..being a sociopath people back down killing me in fear of Wrath of God

I know pretty well China has spread this virus in world as Donald Trump has exposed this to world I escaped complete 3 years

All the disaster is I followed footsteps of my motherly family I escaped monkey mutation Indians started calling me Bagrungbali…. Than He transformed tried to reform the world peacefully God made him a nature boy because only clarity of thoughts had kept him normal other wise now he had gone insane insanes are increased in status but exempted from sins but if you will follow sins of insanes you will be held accountable…those people are getting covid 19 that dare to follow reformed school of thought..And people on previous footsteps being wrathful school of thought of God are surviving…Cancer was treatable but Covid 19 vaccine is still not commonly available….You can target as many people as are in that school of thought it is that world level biowar that is preplaned organized In this account I only disclosed personal experiences My family members are finally Covid 19 negative and vaccines are still not available commonly I have been kept monetary struggling..I am finally dying unmarried or World has programmed it outside this country I wished The name of my couple should be praise of God Almighty and name of my son should be david. what undertakers will inflict on them after me I won’t be alive to see this I am dying unmarried..and This account is closed.But If you want precautions and life style to escape and survive in Covid 19 Since the outbreak of this pandemic until now I am Covid Negative and third Wave of Covid is now uncontrolled and lethal.This Covid is British Variant. Obviously I escaped for more than a year because of my precautions and Immunity. I live in separation from others and always wear a mask I avoided gatherings and even did not attended my duty station.

Unlike last year this year Covid ratio is 11 percent and in my city it is 4 percent as my life is unimportant this region is underprivileged most importantly my position in this family competition is totally underprivileged.

Knowing this I am psychedelic and most importantly knowing They made me psychedelic I have been Hammered.

Just Because when I was 4 to 5 years age being charismatic and Joseph alike Attractive cute and handsome when I started attracting my mom family I was not indifferent they webbed me in their plots and dramatisation and in the end leaving me in lurk

In short I was burnt in boiling milk but Miraculously God protected my soft tissues and Man hood. I am still in perplex who changed position of utensil as When My elder bro pulled back couch and my foot was on it I got Imbalanced and perhaps where I redirected myself How the utensil was placed their.

And why until now my younger brother envoy and jealous me.

Just because I used to start earlier than him he hammered me two times

He don’t like if guests for my marriage to my home come He don’t like every bit of remembrance…He don’t like his parents values He makes his family accountable for his failures.

I posted those letters in grieve they were prioritising him on me where I was totally Eligible to go study their even I was capable to impregnate ….In short I was totally eligible and I was educable but was my mental health that much worse that they hammered later on

If they got some problem or had obstinacy Did God had any problem or they became God that time why such supernatural incidences had nothing to do with their believed and claimed God’s gifted child.

Why I received Glad Tidings. All of my maternal family members got mistaken. Being Elder brother I wanted to save him from being LIAR.They have even left anything behind to repudiate They led entire UK Astray….while meanwhile gift of saint thomas saved real Gospel was discovered and I gave UK real copy of unchanged Gospel ….Can a Madman Do All this…

To survive covid study me how i escaped it more than a year not If because of Government attitude to underprivileged people and regions I did not get timely vaccination and get arrested with Covid 19

It is pity to expose the spiritual leader of radicalists is a snake whose shrine Obama did not allowed to be built A mad perception has become chosen perception of the Lord. All the truth uncovered.

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