30 Seconds

It’s a terror waking up

Knowing there’s so much left in the day

So many worlds to traverse

So many moods to explore

And don’t forget there’s always tomorrow

Like you can’t forget yesterday

Or last week, or last year, or seventh grade

That ritual, you are this and this is where you’re from

and this is what you are and these are the things you must remember

Don’t forget it, or you’ll wish you dealt with it

before you tried to sleep

Drowning in embarrassment from a life spent deep in it

choking on that shameful mud

Please don’t let anyone see it,

That would kill you.

Theres not much you remember

And nothing you can forget

The race is on, and your falling behind

Don’t look silly running

Don’t speak

Speak up

Don’t say that

Why would you say that

How did that ever leave your lips

Good luck living with that

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