3 o’clock in the morning..

Okay, so 2:36 to be precise. Can’t sleep. Mind won’t shut down. Stomach calls out feed me.

Honey nut cheerios beacon me from my bed.


15 thoughts on “3 o’clock in the morning..”

  1. Hmm . . . .There’s nothing quite like the energy got from honey & nuts to aid sleep?
    I just think you’re a cereal fiend. But I can’t talk, I do it myself but not so late as you do.

    Right! Now where’s those honey nut cornflakes hiding. . . .

    1. LMAO
      My body had weird wacky hours…not sure why. Stress probably, but I’m kinda used to it…frustrating sometimes when I’m really super tired. I used to work 12 hr graveyard. Hmmm LOL

      1. That sounds familiar.
        I used to work 12 hour nights some years back in the transport industry. Glad that’s all behind me now. These days I’m full of leisure time.

          1. Yes. I took early retirement due to health reasons – this past June actually.
            Yes. I came from Thoughts. My username there was JayDee, but now I just go by Jules – which is what the J in JayDee stod for. You already know me but you may not remember – my avatar is exactly the same as once on Thoughts. I wrote several short stories which you might also remember simply because you read them. “The Legend of Stormhelm” was one of them.

            Bring back any memories?

    1. Yep…that’s me..LOL. D stands for Donna 🙂
      I kinda remember you. Did you archive any of your stuff? I did, but like I said..comp bit the dust last yr. I lost everything 🙁 I’m just really happy I uploaded most of my photography to FB

      1. I archived all my stories so they are safe, or as safe as can be.
        Yes of course! Donna! I knew the D was separate – if I would have thought about that a bit more I probably would have got it.
        As far as photographs are concerned I find that archiving them to DVD works for long term storage or external hard drive – if you have one. But even they can go wrong. In the UK most IP’s offer cloud storage and they back the hell out of everything which is uploaded to their servers, so it’s probably the safest method to use for archiving.

        1. Ok.
          You live in the UK? Born there? I was born, & raised So. Calif. Been in AZ about 5 yrs, on & off….long story. Moved here to help out my ex, then back to Cali to help our daughter, then back here by myself. Been here a year.

        2. Yep. I can’t wait. Super excited. They’re at the Hollywood bowl. Then I come back, & my daughter joins me here for “Chicago”…then Rod Stewart in Vegas next month with a friend.

          1. I haven’t heard anything from Heart in decades, I thought they had long disbanded and all gone their separate ways. I always like hearing their smasheroony hit “Alone” That song was so powerful it would blow my underpants off! Ah the memories!. . .Ahem!!

            Have a great time at the concert, and if Heart are as good as they used to be then it should be a blast.

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