Would it be wrong of me to quit my job? I currently work for AmeriCorps (like peacecorps but only in the US) and I am a paid volunteer. I make $4.00 an hour because of this, and it’s hurting my finances something wicked.

My friend just mentioned to me the daycare she works at is hiring for lead teachers.

A part of me is considering it because it’s something I love doing, more than my current position, and I would make more money (not a lot but enough to live off of probably)

But another part of me remembers the commitment I made to this job, it only lasts a year and I don’t hate it. It’s going well. I like the long term goals and outcomes of this job. Plus it’ll help me pay for school in the long-run.

I think I’ll stick with this, if it gets to the point where I was feeling like I did last year I will walk this time.

I just, so many things are going on I feel overwhelmed. Between choosing programs to apply for grad school, trying to deal with my family, and work..

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  1. If you find something better, I’d go for the better option. Sticking with an organization largely out of loyalty is a mistake. I made it just about all the time I had jobs.

    Whenever you have a job, always keep looking for another, better one when possible until you’re satisfied with what you have and what it brings you. Always keep focus on the advancement.

    Now on the other hand, if where you’re at now brings you better long term advantages, that makes sense too. From a strategic standpoint anyway. If it’s just out of loyalty, I think that’s a mistake. But for strategy, that makes perfect sense

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