25. November. 2017.

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This day in time is yet another day I never imagined I would have to go through but here I am. I’m still feeling broken from the events that occurred starting a year ago today. This day marks the one year anniversary of a tragic event in my life that took my entire family by surprise. I remember waking up to my grams shaking my leg so hard I thought she was going to rip it off as she yells “WAKE UP!! U***e S***e was killed in a car accident this morning!!* I cant remember another time where I jumped out of my bed that quick. My cousin (his daughter) had been staying with us as well for Thanksgiving the day before. I was still waking up as I jumped up and ran straight for her giving a quick glance to the cops standing to the side in the kitchen. As I sit there almost paralyzed the next 10 minutes feel like days. I began replaying everything in my mind hoping it was some cruel sick joke someone decided to play on us but no one seemed to claim it as a prank. Grams was trying her best to stay strong as we woke up all the cousins and went to our grandparents house to wait for family to show up. I can never explain in words how difficult it was to see my grandpa process the news we had discovered. He made one call to one of his sisters and I can still replay the sound his voice made when he told her “S****y’s gone” barely getting the words out as he broke down in tears. I’ve only seen my papa cry a handful of times and most of them were during this day and the days leading up to my uncles funeral. As a family we somehow managed to make it through this difficult time but we all continued to feel like something was missing. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. Although life moves on and the days go by I will continue to feel like a piece of my life is missing without him here. I love you and I hope you’re in a place where no pain will ever be felt again, no suffering will ever occur, and nothing but happiness can ever be felt. <3

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