A new moon, a new year
My calling remains the same
I stand upon a spinning rock
My only claim to fame
Fireworks have been subdued
The streets are empty and still
Our time here is so transient
With so much space to fill.

A safe and happy new year to all people here at Thoughts.

2 thoughts on “2021”

  1. BEAUTIFUL Jules ☺️
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you 🥂
    Hope you had a wonderful safe celebration. Me….well I wanted to watch movies made in the 70’s for some odd reason. I sure know how to party 😉

  2. Haha! No celebrations for me this year. However, I too have enjoyed watching “older” films and Disney animations. “Frozen” was my favourite over the festive season and a couple of Hercule Poirot films with Peter Ustinov. It would seem we both know how to party!! 🙂

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