i have failed yet again.I am now exhausted with these failures with this constant trend of failing again and again. Failures are the pillars of success i know but if the pillar keep on falling myself i am bound to be crushed by these.like a body among trapped among fallen cement .its like my life has been eclipsed by darkness no matter what i do how much effort i put in i already know the outcome FAILURE thats what it is.All my life hardwork put by me from when i was small to the person i am right now nothing seems to work now.I dont feel like crying either coz that wont do any good not because crying proves that I have lost but because it simply doesnt matter.

I am tired now exhausted to the extent that its been reflected in my behaviour .

i dont know what to do how to face myself .With the current condition i am in, one could easily take a bullet to his head so as to end the trouble for everyone associated to me but thats not an option .I am not choosing that option  to prove that i am not a coward but simply doing such an illogical acts would inflict more pain on others plus i have bill thats due for me so untill i clear that due i cant leave.its true in the end the bill comes due.

with my current deteriorating mental health coz of my failures i fear i might really loose it or say something that i would regret :'(


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  1. Forgive me my directness but “I have failed yet again” are five words that are untrue. The truth? “I have learnt yet again something I didn’t know before I learnt it.” What is this life but trying, experience and learning? No one is born with the privy of everyone’s knowledge in their brains. We come in as an empty slate and when we don’t know something, people say, we have made a mistake. What a fallacy to place upon this earthly learning process that continues until our deathbed! And that error was an injustice done to you by well meaning people who have not yet understood that ‘failure’ is an unhelpful word that means learning.

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