Are You A Special Chosen One

What if your presence here on earth is the catalyst-turn-round the world needs?  In other words, what if you are a special chosen one who is not doing anything about it?

You are shaking your head, great one, are you denying your possible importance?  What evidence proves you are not the catalyst I suggest?  Unless lab tested, conclusions frequently lack information; therefore, you could be wrong.  Instead, you might be a domino principal poised to spread.

I sense you scoffing at my idea, decreeing your ineptness, but ignoring you, I continue.  You discredit the value I apply in my opening sentence but never mind, I am not finished presenting why you could be a chosen one.

Most treasured philosophies promise that the combination of acceptance, respect and kindness will elevate humanity.  Ideologies promoting anger, punishment, and violence were created by prophets who were incapable of the vulnerability that will usher forth a new paradigm.  War and violence are a product of humanity’s primitive automatic protective brain.  Dissing support and creativity, fear and control guide those doctrines.

Many people believe in a second coming.  Although I am not religious, nonetheless, I too believe in a new coming or transformation.  I foresee a force that will create a new dimension, a predicted golden age that will elevate humanity’s well-being.  A vibration which will burn through humanity, connecting all of us in the realization, we are our own saviours.  It will evolve our brains to think more clearly, connect us as one spirit and guide our problems with greater intelligence.  As in all evolutionary processes humanity has undergone, this new becoming will take perhaps several generations.

To add to the difficulty, the Special Chosen One’s profile differs greatly from the traditional descriptions.  While any special chosen one would exude acceptance, respect, and kindness and lead humanity to a higher level, the difference lies in the word Chosen and One.

To be a Chosen one requires a choice but it is the whom who does the choosing which differs.  Most people believe that the Chosen One will be selected and recognized by others.  The special powers they exhibit will be a sign.  An entity who will descend from the sky on a cloud, hands extended and in a flash will elevate humanity up to a new dimension.  However, the prophets forewarn, the saviour will only take a minimum of chosen ones.

It is interesting that millions believe this prediction while if I suggest another more feasible possibility, the whom to which I do, shake their heads at my naiveté, label me a hippie, a Pollyanna and judge me unrealistic.  Still, others who do not believe in this ancient religious prediction, deepen the problem with their cynicism.  They are convinced that it is only a matter of time until humanity destroys itself.

There is more to say but this blog is already too long.


12 thoughts on “Are You A Special Chosen One”

      1. Was wondering if you might test a theory for me? I need to know if indentations and double spaces after sentences will hold in text post.

  1. I never scoff at any idea put forward so I totally agree with everything in your Blog.
    Except I prefer to call them Indigo Children.

  2. Oh Greunie, you are most definitely a Chosen One. I realized immediately upon reading your writes at thoughts. You are and will always be a light to me. The thing about those who ignite fires in others is they do not always necessarily have to be alike in all ways. In fact, it is the one who accepts the differences of the other who brings out the best in humanity. I think it is a rare soul who can see the hearts of others and can help a person cultivate their own goodness.

    Bravo to you for being a loving, chosen one.

  3. You’re on the right track for the most part. Some details might be a pinch off and the fundamental formula is a bit lacking.

    Everyone can contribute to the changes, but I fear they are far from guaranteed. The new ones didn’t come to… “evolve” humanity. More that is an inevitable outcome, or rather, a natural progression after the primary purpose.

    The new ones are here because they care immensely for the planet. Their energetic structure is unique to those that came before. There are many, but not all are one.

    Their structures increase much of their strengths, but also leave them more vulnerable to the emotional dangers all humans face. This leaves most, if not all, unwoken to their real potentials.

    What you seek is already here. What you seek are The Harmonizing Humans

    1. You have misunderstood the intent of my blog. Your perception that I am seeking something is incorrect. My blog is a suggestion – an idea. Unlike your certainty, I did not present a certain doctrine with correct details for people to follow but rather a possibility to personally consider and then if it touches them, they will create their own way forward. Personal details or labels are not important. I do not have the answer for anyone’s choice of how to be. If your details feel correct to you, I offer you my support in your way forward.

  4. Hello Greunie. responding to a comment you made on one of my blogs: Small Enough. Passing by and passing thru, and I have seen a lot of small talk and small towns in my life. Now I blog. knock out the middle man and the middle section of my body and the country. Go directly to the readers, and you found me out. Read your blog. and am convinced, I will be back to read more. Difficult to not have a bias or preference. All in all, am pleased to be here. read what you write. and come back again, as long as tomorrow permits. I reappear. thanks for kind words. works for me. We share the worth and our state of mind. In a blog. Online. And more. thanks. take care. He will be back. indeed.

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