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Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. ” these words they say but are less seen in practical there is always a way or the other we feel we are left behind…

May be its a fault of our ancestors or all of us or may be I .Some or the other way we always find a way to differentiate things be it in scientific ,biological but things take to take bad shape when we make it communal .they say you wear uniforms in schools and official places so that there is no discrimination in poor and rich people on clothing styles .here they make all equal but its always partial we don’t have similar uniforms for girls and boys I don’t know why we are accepted to wear skirts or frocks cant be there equality here .I know you may think this doesn’t make any significance but these changes make a great impact psychologically .When we are make to think or draw a picture of a politician ,comedian, leader, superhero, engineer , farmer or a person in any field it is found that it always to be male .The thing is we don’t only need equality constitutionally but mentally! hoping for great days ahead.

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