Criticism; an upheaval

We live in a traumatizing world that is composed of detrimental attributes such as criticism, judgement etc. The pressure of the society gets on to one’s nerve so much so that it is preferred to pace out rather than to rile up for confrontation.

Criticizing others just to provide band aid to your own guilty conscience has become a common practice. However, this doesn’t end here, it is followed by an entire cycle of criticism. A critic, flustered over some melodrama of his own, criticizes a poor fellow- already confined within the walls constructed by the social evils of the society- in order to exert the pressure off of his brain. This agitated victim, at first, tries to deal with the drawn fire by discreetly combating his draining confidence. After encountering failure, his moral discourses become over toned by disparagement. Thence, the victim turns into a critic and the whole cycle continues.

Something is outrageously wrong in the making of our system which is why the society bears colossal damage, morals and values start to fade away and humans become devoid of humanity.


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