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#1 Shelby’s Diary.

Where to begin? I am not really sure.
I know I am so grateful to have found this blog because I am in desperate need to speak to someone about my problems. See, I am isolated mom and I by my dad. I do not want to give out any public info on myself but only about certain points in fear of being recognized by someone.
I will say as much as I feel comfortable saying.
My mom and I live with her husband/my dad unfortunally he is a Nassacic I hope I spelled that correctly. They have been married for 50 miserable years. She wanted to leave him when I was a little girl but I cried so much she stayed because partly me and because she thought in God’s eyes it was the correct thing to do. I feel so much guilt because I know if it would have not been for me she would have left a long time ago and perhaps met a man would treat her like the Queen she is and deserved to be. But because of me mostly and she won’t say it was because of me she is in a loveless and miserable marriage. I feel so guilty and so horrible.
I have so much guilt in me but we can’t do anything about the past.
I have had a horrible childhood because of HIM! The man I unfortunally call dad and his wacko family!
I have so much to share with you, please be patient I will get to everything.
That’s all for now until maybe again later or tomorrow for sure.
Thank you so kindly for listening to me I already feel better getting this much off my chest.
Take care,
Little Girl Blue And Lost.

1 thought on “#1 Shelby’s Diary.”

  1. there are so many people who put their own happiness and well being for “their children”. I find it completely foolish. If they did leave, they’d find both themselves and their children would be much better off. Well, that neither here nor there, I hope you writing will be the therapy you seek, I know it has helped me over the years. I wish you well.

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