The Merging: 1.8 Melissa: His Voice

I can’t believe I can’t find his email, where did I put it? I know I asked him for it.   I can find his email address in the files somewhere.  What are you doing?  It’s his voice.  It’s soft and deep, and oh so gentle.  I wonder what his wife looks like? Why didn’t I notice his wife when he came in, what made me notice him.  And what made him come sit by me at the coffee shop.  My guy-magnet mini, silly girl.  But he’s so old, but apparently, not dead.  Part of him was very much alive.

I don’t know what to think about the effect I had on him.  I think he was commando.  He had an effect on me, yea that way too, but more. I felt safe with him.

His wife was on the schedule today for an MRI.  I found a reason to walk through the waiting room.  There was one lady in the machine and another still in the waiting room.  I can’t see the one in the machine and the one in the waiting room is so much older than Robert.  Her face is rounded; I recognize the effect of steroids; we all know the look here at the hospital.  Robert’s mustache has some gray, but his hair is still a dirty blond, except for that cute bald spot in the back. Could the lady in the waiting room be his wife?

I’m not doing anything wrong, I just want to read his blog.  Just let it go. This feeling will pass.

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