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✨Let’s Do This…..2021🥳✨

THIS is how I planned on bringing in the New Year before I broke 2 toes. I could just imagine some of you joining in and doing these moves with me 🤣 Boy what fun we would have and how crazy we would look. After I saw this video I absolutely was mesmerized by it. I can’t tell you how many times I watched it. Those moves…seem so simple but put a pair of heels on and try them 😬

Anyhow Thoughtsters….I wish all of you a safe and healthy and MUCH BETTER New Year 🥳 AND OF COURSE….I will share the last sunset of 2020 from my balcony.

6 thoughts on “✨Let’s Do This…..2021🥳✨”

  1. Happy New Year. Lovely photo of the world. Wonderful. Sorry about your broken toes girly. That must be very painful. OUCHIE. Hugs.

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