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When you’re on you’ve got an instant blogging audience and support system with the wonderful members that make the thoughts community the truly amazing place it is happily existing in cyberspace. One Love 🙂 utilizes powerful WordPress blogging software to help people create robust websites in just minutes.

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    I purchased the domain name in December 2006 and started developing my vision for a social blogging community first thing in January 2007. Unfortunately, at that time the web development technology was just not as far advanced as my visions were. As a result, the blogging community saw many versions of this website over several years of development from different teams building the blogging platform.

    The great news for us today is that now that wordpress blog technology has caught up with my original vision for Thoughts the possibilities really are endless with free blog websites. Create a free wordpress blog on and share your personal stories with the world.

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    And Bloggy.AI is free too which is pretty amazing if I do say so myself…

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    Thoughts WordPress Blogs provides free website hosting with powerful WordPress blogging software. Thoughts blog websites are easy to create & publish for beginners and professionals and come with great premium WordPress themes to choose from FREE.

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    Whatever topics that you’re interested in, you’ll find like minded people on thoughts.

    Share your thoughts & stories with the Thoughts community. Its easy to meet people and make new friends on This is genuinely a special place on the web, build on the foundation of ONE LOVE that unites us all.

    What is thoughts? is a special place to share your thoughts and meet interesting people. is a special place to share your thoughts and meet interesting people.

    We all have opinions and everyone has something to say.
    On you can create blogs to express your thoughts and post stories in the discussion forums with our community of fellow thinkers (aka thoughtsters).

    As a community member you can create unique profiles, follow topics, message friends, stream the latest posts, publish to your social media channels and so much more.

    Thoughts is powered by WordPress blog software so we have the most advanced blogging features and personal customization options available for your website.

    Freedom of self expression! On thoughts you can create an author name “pen-name” and anonymously share your innermost thoughts.
    Or if/when you prefer you can also post as yourself and reach your target audience, its all up to you.