One Love is inspired by the belief that there is one universal love that we all share. You are invited to join the community, share your thoughts, enjoy great conversations, and even debate heated issues. The only thing we require is that you are respectful of one another and considerate of the other's perspective when a point of disagreement arises. Nobody knows everything, and the potential for us to learn is endless if we only allow ourselves to learn. In order to learn, we must be open to new and different ideas.

The current state of the world is one where we face impending climate changes, an economic crisis, brutal violence and wars that are devastating to humanity. It is time for us to learn from our mistakes of the past and start living our lives in a more loving and understanding way, so we can take better care of this precious earth that we are so fortunate to live on, and so we can create a better civilization for our children of tomorrow.

Please come and share your thoughts with the world. We believe that everyone should make contributions that will make our world a better place. We see as a vehicle for making positive changes in the world. If you believe like we do, that the time has come for everyone to start taking action and living life in a more positive, productive way, then you should fit right in here.

Our community is built on a foundation of love. We believe will not only help people come together in a positive and supportive environment, but will ultimately help to make real and significant contributions to those in need. Whether that be by finding ways to bring clean water to remote third world villages, or by helping to bring medical facilities and medicine to communities in need, we are focused on doing everything that we can to help people who desperately need it, and we ask you to please join us in our efforts.

A few of the great programs that we are passionate about which you can get involved with and start making a difference today are highlighted below.

Unicef Make It Right Unicef Tap Project Habitat for Humanity