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I'm just a girl on a mission, and I'm ready to fly.

I'm Ripley. Thoroughly uninteresting and maybe a little self obsessed.

I hail from the so-called city of sin.

I'm just a girl, tryna find a place in this world.

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Age Is Nothing But A Number (But Your Numbers Coming Up)

"Do you think that it's true? About growing older and finding less and less to go on about. Do you ever consider that a day might carry a sort of weight with it? That there exist a quiet little toll taking something without us knowing every time a...

Lazy Poetry Is Lazy (Remastered)

If you love something, let it go. No, really, it’s fine. Go ahead and leave, I don’t mind. The door’s right there. What’s that? You can’t? Because the door is locked? and there’s barbed wire everywhere? That sounds like your problem, not mine.

Burning Cave. Curving Bae's.

Friends, love, heartache or the sword. People like nothing more than to delude themselves, find distractions to stray or fill the void inherent inside all of us. A demanding job or dream to keep busy and active, some bud or buzz to wile and whisk away...

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  • Stop being so fucking amazing at writing. It just isn’t fair to us peasants.

    December 04, 2014
  • I feel bad for this child. If she was telling every body you were the father, and to him too, then he might be upset…

    November 13, 2014
  • I agree with some of the other comments that this is the best you’ve written. It somehow brings to life each moment and feeling you describe. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    November 11, 2014
  • YOU should be a motivational speaker.

    November 03, 2014
  • Everyone has to fear something right? For me, I have a love hate relationship with spiders. I love looking at them, learning about them, studying them but if they touch me I freak. One time a black widow dropped onto my boob during a shower at 4 am…. fastest I’ve ever gotten out xD

    November 03, 2014
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    1. donewithlife

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWLpKKJz2IE&feature=youtu.be listen to this give me feedback please

      June 03, 2013
    2. kaitilempart123456789


      November 07, 2013
    3. depressedgirl

      Is that you and your bf?

      May 12, 2014