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Yesterday was the birthday party of a friend. I love birthday parties; there's always cake, wine, munchies and the surprises of presents. Even if the present isn't yours it's always exciting to see what is hidden under the wrapping. But I dreaded going

Onwards and Upwards!!

In with the old and out with the new, I have been inspired to change for the better. Lately I have been a horrible person to some of the best/closest people in my life and it's time for a change. I'm looking forward to bettering myself.

Why I am never happy?

Why I am never happy? This question has been stuck in my head for a few days now. I am taking this human growth & development class and we have this assignment asking if we are more Nature which what we get from our parents or Nurture which is the e

Mixed Results for Testosterone Research in Men.

Men who are considering purchasing Testosterone Gel might wish to read the latest results published in JAMA--Journal of American Medical Association.  I read in the paper and on TV commericals that men are flocking to GNC to purchase testoster


Wife went to get her hair done and I was working outside some yesterday.Came in to get a drink when the phone rang and I gl

Freedom (Too Organic) incomplete

"FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM!!!!" -Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Braveheart The First Amendment endows American citizens with, among other things, perhaps the most desirable burden. That is of course the right to freedom of speech. The par

A 2am Thought of the night

Tonight I sit here thinking about my life and where I've been placed. My circumstances are less than ideal. I've had to move from my home due to a leaky roof in one of the rooms in my house which caused mold to grow. Thus my transplant team telling me I