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Life is short! Take time to relax! No matter how you accomplish it, you have to JUST DO IT!  Being caught up, tied up, tight as a drum, wound like a spring is no way to live! Drink a beer, crochet a blanket, take a bath. Pet


pull me apart to see my flesh stretch and tear as the pink squishiness withing me starts to pool with blood and my bones crack at the slightest presences of pressure while your fingertips caress my thoughts inviting u in

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Xpressing: How I Feel About Alone Time

Finally I'm home alone!!! What a marvelous thing!!!! I never knew how much I have missed having some me time.  Since I've remarried my husband is only away from me when he's at work.  One of my adult children got pissed and moved out b

Prayer For Those In Despair.

Heavenly Father, I know I am close to despair. I feel so tempted to give up, to withdraw from life and religion and let the world simply carry me along. Everything seems so meaningless and nothing appeals to

Being Normal

Based on some of the active discussions that I've had here recently I find it truly fascinating to see how desperate some get to try to either be "normal" (average) or to try to make others "normal" (average)!

Kodak Verichrome

  One of my old friends recently, said to me that I should take my time and look through all my work over the last 50 years. I must

3.28.2015 2:01 am

Do not look back... whats done is done and you have done what you did.. and all that ever is.. is your decision not to keep... keep your pride straight and do no look back or else you'll turn into salt.. just run away and keep your pride in. you'll regr

On Writing

I've wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I've always been told my writing is good. I hated class assignments like worksheets. I always viewed them as nothing more than busy work that did nothing for students as far as learning was concerned. When i


i cried, a lot tonight. i opened my facebook account cause I want to talk to my bestfriend, then i realized i dont have any bestfriend anymore. :')