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Pit Bulls. Get One.

Go here to see real stuff about pit bulls. If you want one, the people here mostly come to you and do a home check with the dogs, then happy pit bulls! (This is my FAVORITE show EVER in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

link image preview Pit Bulls and Parolees: Animal Planet

Join Tia Torres and the Villalobos team in New Orleans for a new season of amazing rescues. Tune in Saturdays at 10PM E/P on Animal Planet.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Final Showdown

 "Wait Paige don't go!" MIranda calls after her and runs to her. Paige stops and tuens around to see Miranda running after her. When Miranda gets to her, she pulls her close and gives Paige a deep heartmelting kiss. Paige throws her arms around Mir

CHAPTER TEN: Relapsing

"It was so weird. I mean he tells me he's trying to be good and that he's stopped drinking. Then he says that he's changed for me. THEN he says he loves me> THEN HE FREAKING KISSES ME! its so gross!" Miranda explains to Matt. "I mean it has to be a g

CHAPTER NINE: Did NOT See That One Coming

 NIck watches as Miranda leaves the cave. He had seen Paige go in but she hadn't come out. But iut was not Paige he was looking for this time, it was Miranda. She drives away and Nick puts his car in gear and follows Miranda. Following Miranda wasn

CHAPTER EIGHT: Break Ups Suck... Heartache Sucks More

 Paige looks at ther email. She has one from her pen pal Anya, a couple from a girl who was in her drama class before shcool let out for summer, and one from Miranda. Paige is surprised to see Miranda had emailed her. Since the Break up Miranda had

A New Companion.

This morning, I came across a man in black fighting a pack of Uruk-Wolves.  He was doing well, but slowly being overwhelmed.  I felt it my duty to assist him.  With


 It has been a week since Matt's secret was discovered and Miranda still hasnt spoken to her brother. Matt was starting to get worried, afraid that their relationship would never recover from this. No matter how hard he tried to talk to her, she wo

CHAPTER SIX: Lies Discovered And Truths Uncovered

Miranda slams the car door behind her and stomps up the walk way. Nick was lying he had to be, there was no way in hell Matt did Herion. And she was going to prove it. He opens the front door and slams it shut, making  the glass flower vase rattle

CHAPTER FIVE: Dont Shoot The Messenger

   It has been two days since the attack and Nick still felt like shit. When Nick has woken up from passing out he found himself in a hospital room. He later learned htat he had had enternal bleedings and two broken ribs. The day after the att

CHAPTER FOUR: Lies Lies And More Lies

   It was five in the afternoon and Matt still hadn't come home. Miranda is starting to Panic. This morning Matt bad been in a strange mood and told her that he was going to hang out with Josh and would be home by three. When he hadnt come hom

CHAPTER THREE: Shits About To Hit The Fan

"Hey Josh got any beer?" Matt yells. His best friend Josh goes into his house and come out with a beer, tossing it to Matt. "thanks." Matt opens the beer and takes a sip, the bitter taste hits his tongue.       


 "So what are we going to do today?" Paige Michaels asks Miranda. Miranda sits back in her and puts her feet in the dashboard. She thinks hard about the perfect place for her and Paige to hang out together, It was after all their two month aniverse

CHAPTER ONE: Welcome To Miranda's World

Miranda Runs after her parents screaming their names, but they can't seem to hear her. She runs faster trying to reach them, but no matter how fast she runs they are always fo far ahead of her. Her parents get into their car. Miranda screams for them no


  The gang graduate High school two months later, with a huge tribute to their fallen friends. There were many tears that day.        Newly graduated Nadine and Shawn couldnt wait any longer and were so

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Bad News And The Good News

  The gang gets to Vicy's house just in time to see Mrs Smith fall to the ground crying. They run over to them. When Mr. Smith sees them he helps his wife up.            "You guys ar

CHAPTER TEN: Ben Confesses

 "Chelsea come here, I need to talk to you." Ben Gasps. THe night was almost over and faint pink was visible in the sky. Ben could barely breathe blood still flowed out of his wounds if he moved the wrong way, he was surprised he was still alive. C


"Hey I've got a plan!" Alex says after about ten minutes of silence. The gang listens closely because Alex always comes up with good plans. "The Plan is that when Chelsea wakes up we make her bring us to Ben. SHe will go to him like we're not there. We

CHAPTER SEVEN: Chelsea You're the killer??

 "Alex, Nicole, wait up we have to tell you something!" Julia said as she and Jazzmyn caught up to them.             "So do Alex and I" Jazzmyn quickly told the other what the three

CHAPTER SIX: The Two Incidents

 "Come on Nadine Pick up your god dang phone!" Screamed Shawn. He hangs up when the light turned grrn and drove off toward town Farm, his girlfriends favorite place to camp with her two best friends. When he reaches the park he sees not just Nadine