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Thinking of Life Insurance...

am I being obsessive?  I"ll explain of course. Ever since my sister was murdered (that's for another discussion), I've thought a lot about my death. She's been gone for many years. During my thoughts, I think about who'll care, what can I leave beh

Learn the truth about your meat and dairy.

Watch this video THE MEATRIX on youtube and decide for yourself if the meat and dairy you consume will keep you healthy. Also, don't be fooled by "Certified Humane."  Watch this video: http


I find it sad how people eat more when they're sad... I don't blame them though. I must admit I do the same thing. After all, food is the only thing you can trust, right? Unless you eat some chocolate cookies, but

Different times...

Times sure have change, I find it hard to meet new people to be friends with, I remember when I was a teenager, you had friends call you on the phone just to see what you are doing today. Sometime they would come by your house to see what you ar doing,

I Don't Know What To Do Anymore...

My ex Ben and I are getting back together but, he hasn't asked me out yet. We act like a couple he even calls us one but when we're with people and they ask he says no. I went to this carnival with him yesterday it was perfect until this girl started fl


last night i had the weirdest dream... well it wasnt really weird it was really sweet and i liked it but in a since it was weird because i knew it was a dream.. i was with eugene, and we were laying on the floor cuddling, and it was so nice, in my dream

Longest ride

Watched the movie "longest ride" with Lilee, it's a romance movie. It trying to say love is the most important thing even when you do not have the same interest however love will bring you together no matter how different you are, you fell in love with

Sorry :/

FOR THE RECORD IM SORRY so iv'e deleted all of my old posts from MONTHS ago and I need to start fresh. Wanna catch up with me? alright let's start 1.well you obviously know that I have entered a new grade this year but s

I need a new body

Today I'm convinced. I'm too nice, too accomodating, too genial, too empathetic, too withhol


     I never thought I would be back here. Surrounded by people and feeling so alone. I suppose life is cyclical like that. Always a never ending circle, a pattern that can never be broken. Sure some times around the circle are better tha