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I am what I am.

I don't know about you, but this statement to me is both a fairly true assessment, and a cop-out excuse.  On the one hand we all have attributes are us, part of our identity, how we identify as ourselves, or are things that we just don't know how t

All languages have this in common...

Have you ever wondered why you say “The boy is playing Frisbee with his dog” instead of “The boy dog his is Frisbee playing with”?  You may be trying to give your brain a break, according to a new study. An analysis of 37 wi


Have you ever read something and thought "damn,, I've been living my whole life wrong". Like it hits a certain spot in your heart and your head and you think automatically, "I have to apply this". I have read so many things on how to look at life throug


Hi my name is adriane and i an kind of new to this i have never really had a blog before.I like aninamls,sports,and food.I have 2 dogs and a cat.I am very nice and happy.

Stars in Milky Way have moved

Researchers have created a new map of the Milky Way that shows nearly a third of the stars have dramatically changed their orbits...

Getting involved & Different judgment

It is the key point that people value the chaos in same scale differently, depending heavily on whether they are involved. When there is a discussion about the protest in Egypt, seems most of us believe it is the right way to overthrow the current gover

The Beast And The Heart

The beast (the head) : Fly away quickly, fly far away Listen closely to me as I say You don't belong in this world Hide in the dark corner curled

The Life of a Nomad

I feel like that is what my life has become. Being a nomad moving around all the time. Once again in about a month I will have to be moving. Living with someone else, another couple, is stressful. They are great people but we bicker all the time. James


I recently watched a really cool anime called "Vampire Knight". It was pretty amazing, if you are like me and like anime and vampires. But there was one vampire that stood out the most. That was Takuma Ichijo. Takuma Ichijo is an aristicrat vamp

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And, nothing worked. They somehow connected to a bizarre plague affecting Haven farmers: fruit and vegetables rot on the spot, healthy livestock suddenly drop dead, and the town tasty Maine meals quickly send the local stomach pumps into overdrive..

Ordinary Days

Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow? Before long we have strung together a couple of weeks, a month or a lifetime of ordinary days .


Silence reverberates from the walls Shreds heart and soul with it's claws It's shrieks draw blood from my ears

Gods Beautiful Storms

I love these songs they remind me of how God  healed my dibilitating fear of storms. Now I see the beauty in those storms. God's pow

Shifting Rules

Someone is redefining all the rules Not near what I learned in the schools   Friends and enemies blend into one