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The Apple

A couple of posts ago I called myeslf the Apple. Wrapped in the tail of a snake...dangling and tempting those around me. I am no longer Eve. I've become more powerful.   A reader of my other blog told me that I have a sexual appetit

kulturist no.484

Keeping one's sense of humour is terribly important in times like these. Makes one stop from reaching for the AK-47.

Pulp Fiction of the Gods

The real world, or the thing that presents itself as it when you're trying to pay the rent or get some food or rambling across the land, is dim in a few ways.  But your favorite Broadway show, if you're the kind that has one, is something else.&nbs

Forgive and Forget...

You say it doesn't matter, It's all in the past. You never seen my past. It's behind a mask, You say forgive and forget.

About My Blog

So after several months of not admitting to it, pretending it just didn't exist, I have pseudo stress seizures. A lot of people don't know what they are or think you are faking but believe me you're not. I suffer memory loss, disorientation, inability t

What are you worth ??? <poem/truth>

who are you ? who am i ?? honestly how can we truly know? what is my worth ? i can tell you who you are and what you are worth .... you are SPECIAL....... you are worth MORE than most will admit...

forbidden <poem>

take me into your arms  hold me and whisper into my ear that you love me that you want me  that you need me  dig into my flesh with your fingers clench your fists in my hair twist yo


On my days off I try to make myself busy. The past 2 years it’s been with act

Issuses? Already!

hey everyone, thank you all ever so much on all you lovely comments, you are all so kind. So today I'm gunna talk about is something that frightened me just a few days ago... So what happend was I kept doing this weird crazy jig every day and so my mum

Love Don't Write!

The pain of what a love can be and becomes, sometimes isn't worth the heartache. We think that it is better to be loved and lost love, than to have never found it at all. I beg to differ. Certain loves last forever in our souls. We love differently with

what is it

I've been single for 6 months now after 3 years of being with someone I had to adjust to my life as a single person and accept things as they were. It takes some time and a lot of effort to be tough and let the negative feelings take its course. Lately