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THIS is Why I Hate People

What the hell?  Oh, shit, I'm so goddamned greedy, you will pay me whatever, no matter who you are!  Asshole.  Yes, he's an asshole.  A greedy, selfish asshole.  What the hell?  Eye roll.  No wonder people think A

link image preview 20-year-old successfully sues his mom for a $5,000 Bar Mitzvah gift

In a bizarre case over a grandmother's Bar Mitzvah gift for her grandson, a 20-year-old man successfully sued his own mother for the $5,0...

naalala ko...

the first time we fought...sabi mo, " Tahan na. Okay na. Andito lang si Mida. Andito lang ako..." the last moment you hugged me...sabi mo, " Tahan na. Tama na. Wala na si Mida. Makaka;imutan mo rin ako..." Th


Its been a while since iv wrote anything at all on social media.. alot has happend.Just starting to go back to God now ... Everything in my life from my parents.. to friends.. to relationships... has COMPLETLY fell apart. Good thing in this? Is that im

End Birthright Citizenship?

No.  I believe illegal immigrants should be deported.  I believe all immigrants to this country should do the paperwork and come here legally.  I understand the "anchor baby" thing throws a monkeywrench into t

link image preview Message your Rep. to END Birthright Citizenship | NumbersUSA

While welfare enticements do clearly draw some people to the United States illegally and encourage them to remain here, the anchor create...

Day Sixty-Four

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four?   So technically I missed writing about my day last night but that's because I was so busy and I was just too tired to actually stay up any longer.  &

A Friendly Reminder

Are you worried right now? Angry? In pain, perhaps?    Whatever stressful situation you are in right now, it’s good to know&nb

Life is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!  Love you!@  Happy almost September!  Enjoy every minute- you deserve to be happy!  Life can be fun and sweet!  Follow your dreams and be positive!  When one door closes another door opens.  Enjoy your lif

August 29, 2015 – The Silence…

I first noticed it at 12: 30 P.M.  The kitchen window was wide open to let in the cool fresh air of the late summer.  I was making pancakes at the time.  I had mixed the batter and was in the process of pouring the mix.  Then


So I have this ungodly obsession with Batman (no seriously, I have a batman action figure on my keychain and one I place willy nilly about my house) and I just got done reading a head cannon about Bruce being in Arkham Asylum or whatever, an it just mad

Shew Fly Don't Bother Me

There's some saying about reaping and sowing that goes like; karma's a bitch and hoping to witness the person who wronged you receive theirs... something like That. I could Google it but then this would be much like right lol. I know you know what i mea

A day of reflection

At least that is what today feels like. I've only been up for a couple hours but I've spent those hours reflecting. On life, on love, on who I am as a person now vs. who I have been as a person. Those that know me know that the past 2-3 years of my life