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Blogging Gone Wrong - Happy Halloween

    The key turned in the lock, and the door slowly swung open. The smell, strong in the hallway, was much worse inside. The apartment was dim, one small light on in the corner, and a soft glow

Need likes and comments

Hi guys its me coolkid here and I have been noticing a couple of things which are: no coments and no likes!  plz guys I really want u guys to comment down below and also like. p.s. plz tell me why u guys dont comment or l


That time of year where again i stay home and eat egg whites and peanut butter while other people are having a party getting smashed.....all i can say is.....hell ya i prefer my version

This, That and the Other

The day after the shaking incident we were still giving each other the silent treatment, though I had got up early enough to prepare his breakfast before he left that morning and he thanked me.  Later that day he called up and said not to cook dinn

Remember When ...

Remember when everything didn't beep?  Now it seems that everything does.  The computer beeps when I log on or off; cash registers beep for every item checked.  When I voted today, my electronic ballot beeped when my vote was counted.&nbs

A Scary Halloween

Snakes and spiders Shake with fear... 'Cause that time of Year is here. Werewolves, vampires Hide their head. 'Tis the day that They all dread... Ghosties, goblins Flit and hide

You're What's Up

Hadn't thought of you since the 17th.  I went out of town and to avoid a wreck I took a detour only to get stopped by a train.  They must have been working on the track though.  Nonetheless, I was stopped to only watch two engines go by.& Mashup-Germany - I Love The Way You Mix (Lie)

Mashup-Germany -- I Love The Way You Mix (Lie) Mashup-Germany -- I Love The Way You Mix (Lie) Mashup-Germany -- I Love The Way You Mix (L...

into the wind

I run into the wind a stubbornness of my philosophical wakening to follow in the shadow of no one no mentor to lift upon my shoulders by grit and stumble I make my way senseless in t

Ask It

"Ask It" by Andy Stanley is a great title for anyone wanting to make wise (according to God's view) life decisions.  Whether relationships, time, money, career, health, etc., we all need God's wisdom for our lives.   The title is aroun

rand is a business' mos

Marque est une entreprise« d'actifs la plus stable » 3 Fixer votre équipement: Retirez tous les sangles lâches et aligner les fermetures éclair et les serrures sous la poignée de bagages. Cela réduit le risque d'accrochage de la poche sur la bande t


Aucune marque est célèbre pendant sa création. Que fait quelques marques attirent l'attention des gens et ce qu'ils sont aujourd'hui est le résultat d'une réflexion intelligente, le travail,louis v

rmstrong's marketing ap

L'appel de la commercialisation de armstrong devrait survivre perte de titre Andrew Veilleux,botte ugg pas cher, Ben Thomas, Eric Billinson, et Jules Wellner, projections .Team pour samedi races pe


Description du produit: Subtle Stripe Polo Nike:. Obtenir un classique, look subtil avec un confort pas sublte avec ce subtil polo à rayures Nike A 64% coton, 36% polyester assure ce polo aura beaucoup de l'usure et de maintenir en circulation...

Fed up

Hey all, do you hate it when a ex boyfriend does not get it through  there head you don't love them or want to be with them.My ex boyfriend will not get it through his

Letting it all out

Dear Josh, I have one thing to tell you it is to Fuck off and leave me alone.I want nothing to do with you.Go away and quit bothering me on can not control w


  If the Republicans lose seats in the House and don't take the Senate then we (meaning you and me...not them) have been robbed again.  If the speaker of the House, Rep. Crybaby and the Re


    back in the day i was abused, there were no resources. now i understand there's several means of leaving in safety. i was shot with a 22 rifle, , bitten, slapped silly, and malled like a dog,spit o

the clique.

everyone knows how there are different cliques in high school....especially the high school students. i go through the hallways everyday getting stared at and judged for how i dress, how my makeup looks, who my friends are, my acne everything, and i thi