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24 day challenge - day 8

I woke up on day 8 and I felt really skinny in my stomach, so I ran down and jumped on the scale and it showed that I am down a total of 5 lbs! I was super excited. I was hoping my stomach would be all better today. I felt good up until 11am. i had my b

Thougts for a Friday

My friend has written a book God Told Us To Tell You on Went to it can not get to down load would not be a surprise to those who know me. lol He does not have faith which as many on here is his right. I wish I could have read hi

Superfecta Of Annoyance!

People make no sense.If you really think about it,we humans do the most ridiculous things.Animals may be silly at times but we as humans who are supposed to be the top of the food chain are the stupidist living,b

Riding a Gaited Mule

Here it is, a wee 30 second video of what it is like to ride Siera up a hill road. Riding Siera

Riding a gaited mule on a trail. She moves at a walk at the average speed of 7 mph.

Three Part Dreamland

In the first componant of my dream Russia was shipping illegal weapons through the mail and I was there during the meeting and demonstration describing the details. The weapon that the man was discussing was a four chamber 'carbon dioxide gun'. As a res

Day Forty-Six

Day Forty-Six:   I don't think I went over in calories yesterday, but I certainly didn't eat well so I'm a bit disappointed in myself. But today is a new day! I'm drinking my lemon water, as usual, but I added apple cider vinegar ag

my song

Kiss evey moment kiss evey kind just like I did and without and without youu you you because were ice and fire and we font go together

cast stone columns

cast stone columns

link image preview Cast Stone

Just some examples of the prominence cast stone moldings, such as window and door surrounds, can bring to the entrance of any home.

Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds

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link image preview Southern Stone Crafters LLC

Developers limestone fireplaces design convinced that its discreet charm is bound to complement any decor and fills the room with ambianc...