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you aren't familiar with the potentially

It's easy to breathe new life into it by following a few simple summertime tips.   Hair that's full of split ends looks bad so the first thing you should do even before the summer months set in is give your hair a good trim to remov

Thermal grouting

Interra Innovation's  Fluidized Thermal Backfill (FTB) is designed to achieve maximum density at initial set. Call us 617-830-6611 to get more info

true love

i laughed at savoy dancing as bud at pride 2017 on tracey erin's public vid and Savoy obviously trash talked me to her? why? are you really that insecure about yourself and your relationship that you think

Wojciech Szczęsny krok od Juventusu

Arsenal oczekuje za Szczęsnego 15 mln euro. Juventus jest skłonny wyłożyć maksymalnie 5 mln ze względu na to, że już w styczniu mistrzowie Włoch mogliby porozumieć się z Polakiem, a za rok sprowadzić go za darmo.

Sorry Ass Bitch

Now I see how unhappy my mother really wants me to be.  She saw that I finally felt happy and like my prayers were being answered today.  All she could do is become a whiney bitch and complain about what was making me happy and the fact that t

The main benefit of LED emergency light

The main benefit of LED emergency light units is the high light output, and that is crucial in making emergency vehicles seen and therefore be safe. The units come in many different varieties from the single strobe beacon to tiered light b

Trump Care?

Even a delay is a victory when it comes to this heinous bill.

America's Precarious Health Care SySTEM

Every major industrialized country has a national health care sysem. Why shouldn't  Americans have the same access? Our system is,in many cases, more expensive than the international model and often less effective measured by average life e

Summer Activities to Stay Active

A few easy activities that you can do if you are bored this summer that help you stay active and healthy. One thing is to find a sport you like and if the sport isn't during the summer then you can practice or find a camp. Another thing you can do is go

Trump'S Foreign Policy'S Fatal FLAW

So far Trump has alienated Australia, spurred Saudi ambitions in the Middle East, destabilized the NATO alliance, slapped the world in the face by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, adversely affected  world order, insulted Mexico and antag

Week 2 Day 2

Today's workout was the best one yet. I pushed the hardest I have pushed yet and I think I will feel it in the morning. my starting heart rate was 80 BPM. I got to 150 BPM on the stationary bike when

June 27

walked 1.40 miles hr before: 75 during: 118 after: 83 reflection: I felt really tired and sore today