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I suppose I should make an update.

It has been a while, and it has been a stressful while. Much has happened. Well, not much but enough. I got into the play. The Cherry Orchard of the Living Dead.  I got the main female part and it makes me incredibly jovial


i feel bad cause i just lied to my best guy friend about telling one of my friends about a fight and i dont know what to do so im just going up to him tomorrow and telling him the truth cause i cant keep a lie to one of my best friends  

This Post is for Two People in Particular

I have been debating if I should say something or not.  Honestly I didn't want to start another shit storm on this site.  But it does concern one person in particular who is a member of this site.   This person does rub me


Is it rude to deny a gift when that gift is something that goes against your lifestyle? For example, I have been offered A LOT of food lately because it's the season of sweets and candy. I feel obligated to eat the cookies and cupcakes that are offered

day sixty-three

Day 63: Today, is my sister's 21st birthday! She told me she is pregnant again! We took her out to dinner and evrything and it was really great. I miss her living with us! Then we could talk and stuff, but now she is to busy all the time. So am I with w

day sixty-two

Day 62: I don't remember if I mentioned on day 60 if I got my lunch and break together. Well I did. So I spent 45mins in the breakroom. After I told said coworker that I was going to, she snitched on me! What the honest frack!? Also, me and a fe

Maya Angelou

" I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou This is actually my favorite quote I've heard ever in my life, at least so far.

day sixty-one

Day 61: Got to talk with my boyfriend today. It was, well, we didn't talk a whole lot. He accidentally ordered my christmas gift. Then informed me I am notballowed to open it until Christmas. If I do, he said he won't talk to me for a week. That's just


Hi, My name is Danny and I like to write.

The Joys of Christmas Shopping

Today was my day to go out and do my Christmas shopping.  I have mixed feelings about Christmas shopping. I love the spirit and looking for gifts.  I just wish their wasn't as many people around.  I think sardines in a can have a better t

Mud puddles

There are times where frustration just seems to run the show. Just how one thing happens, as small as it might seem, and next thing you know there is this huge downroll of snowball events making a huge mess. And next thing you know, you just have this f

Day 193

Day 193:   Did really good today, despite my calorie counting app breaking along with my phone. Still working on fixing it, but it's giving me a ton of anxiety. What if I can't track my calories? Or how many calories I burn? How cou