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Where do you place your fears, your doubts?

A while ago I was in a conversation with another thoughts member, and we brushed the topic of belief.  Her thought was that belief and doubt were pretty much the same thing.  Though I disagree with that idea, at least with regard to the belief


November 2014 – we are moving to north van on December 01st 2014. Finally getting my own space back again and out of a five by ten storage locker!  

Ah HA Moments

-I often get really upset or in a state of manic depression if I push myself to do too much in one day   -Q: why did I tell the robbers that there was no more money and put mysel

June 2014 – October 2014

I had to wait three months before I received a phone call about getting any sort of therapy or assistance. In this time all I could do was try to focus on myself and continue to take my Cipralex. During this time, I was receiving no mo

June 16th 2014

I called WCB and asked for my claim to be reopened due to the fact that it was believed that my depression and anxiety was a result of the robbery. After much time and deliberation, I was asked to attend another psychological assessmen

June 13th 2014

I stepped into the doctors office with my hands sweating and on the verge of tears. I didn’t know what to do or say to my doctor. How was I supposed to explain what was going on inside of me? He walked into the room and asked &ld

April 2014 – June 2014

During this time I refused to believe anything was wrong with me. I remembered being told that the things I was feeling would just go away with time, but they hadn’t. They definitely were not getting any better, they were getting


A freedom she needs me to breathe to let her fall apart like days on a wire she's manic in her method to the world in the method to herself trusting and distrusting the mind brave and sor

March 2014-April 2014

I started a job at Home Depot as a merchandiser. I spent most of my hours at first in the office doing paperwork and online courses. It wasn’t until I entered the work space on the floor of the store that all of that anxiety and

December 13th 2013 – March 2014

  After I was laid off I was able to claim EI benefits. But due to the lack of income, I had to move out of my place and move back in with my parents again. My stuff had to be put into a five by ten stora

October 16th 2013 – December 13th 2013

I returned to work and was moved to a different location. Every day was hard. Working downtown Vancouver had to have been the worse situation. Homeless people and old creepy men were constantly coming into the store. One man even tried

October 16th 2013

Since I had to take some time off of work, I was able to claim some workers compensation. It was mandatory that before they paid me I needed to have a psychological assessment done. Reliving the robbery was one of the hardest things I

October 6th 2013

This is when it all began. The day that would impact my life forever.   It was a Sunday afternoon, 2:00pm to be exact. Three men walked into the retail store I was working at. They browsed the sto

Take Them Off the Air, They Offend Me!!

I find this hilarious.  Hundreds of thousands of people are demanding these offensive, not politically correct people be taken off the air.  Yet, I don't suppose it occurs to those doing the demanding that THEY might offend others.  Yep,

link image preview 100,000 People Ask TLC to Cancel '19 Kids and Counting' for "LGBTQ Fear Mongering"

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition asking TLC to dump the Duggars, with the family matriarch of 19 Kids and Counting coming ...


The reason I am not blogging much is my ex boyfriend is on this website and I have to avoid him at all costs.I just want him out of my life.As for me I pulled a hamstring muscle yesterday morning while I was running in m

in these walls

in these walls I breathe a capture and a thief waiting time stealing time pieces hidden in complex asking to uncover to dissect the human frailty my need to explain to fall apart to tie lo

HONKY TONK HELL - Jim Colyer song

Lower Broadway Nashville, Tennessee What this place Has done to me Walking the streets Heartbreak hotel Year after year Honky Tonk Hell Honky Tonk Hell Hank Williams Johnny Cash Way

Love Vs. Hate Part 2

I'm going to switch it up and start with hate.  Hate: I hate you. I hate that you still make me hurt. I hate that you say you still care but show that you don't. I hate that you found someone else. Replaced me so easily. I hate that you did

Words from my kinda weird, but wise brother.

     My brother said something the other day that actually stuck to me. I can't remember how the joke went, but he kept saying it over and over till it wasn't funny anymore. "Brian why do you keep saying the same joke?" "Y

Info for Geralt of Rivia.

Stats: NAME: Geralt of Rivia NICKNAMES: Geralt, Gwynbleidd AGE: N/A GENDER: Male HAIR: White EYES: Gold HEIGHT: N/A WEIGHT: N/A BUILD: Build here MARITAL: Single. Th