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The Way I Learned To Meditate

Meditation, as I learned it first starts with breathing. You have to breathe in through your nose, slowly, flling your lungs to bursting from the bottom to the top. Then hold


Hi it is me and this is my blog do you like to create blogs?well I do2⃣2⃣⬆️⬆️↕️Done


Hi guys,I am new and this is my blog from now on. my name is coolkid56 and I love art!!!!! Also I am extremely exited for eid which is on Saturday or Sunday and I am sooooo exited to get my present. And I will do cool posts so do

Day 113

Day 113:   So I decided to run today instead of do leg day. My legs could use a break, but I really did it because I didn't get to go running yesterday. Since I'm still sick I only ran three miles, but tomorrow I'll hopefully feel g


So many lessons to learn and so little time in which to learn them.  The learning process never stops, it merely slows down and becomes more difficult with age.  Never feel that you are too old or too smart to learn something new. Each new day

Everybody hurts

Yea and I learnt it the hard way. Naive and innocent I was. Now kinda bitchy and getting not so nice. Why treat people so nice when all I get is being used or feel like crap? Well of course, I still treat my friends well. It's

Sick Brain

So I am sick. I'm talking the sore throat, head ache, stuffed nose, congested chest, ear pain kind of sick. The kind where you can't function and do not want to get out of bed. It blows asswhole. I hate being sick. I become as whiney as my 3 years olds.


Sometimes other people need to be the primary concern in order to be really happy with yourself.

No Contact Rule

I have read that it is important to have a no contact period after a breakup. Apparently I will need this to help me move on and become independent again like I was before. This may also make him miss me because he won't know what I am up to. So the no

More errands - the fun never ends!

We finally made it to the grocery store.  The bill was $175.00.  It wasn't quite all food, though.  I bought two pairs of cheap white pillow cases, Hubby bought computer printer paper, and we bought some stuff like soap.  


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