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My Resolution

I have had a hard time trying to reconcile my feelings regarding the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia and Durham, North Carolina.  I am supposed to be a protector of history, good or bad, but I have been conflicted.  I

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what a thought

I thought if my cat dies before I do I would commit suicide .Iam bitter today,everything is so false.People are false and their emotions. I have a caretaker come over that's the biggest falsehood of all. (well maby) Iam totally lost in a sea of hell. I

My "Go To" Song

Make of it what you will.  I don't care. Every time I hate myself, make a mistake, ROCK something awesome....................this is my song.  HUGE SMILE  When I it and grin and bitch and moan. ha ha ha...........

Something I Will Never Understand

One things that has been baffling me for the last couple of years is the fact that why people have so much hate toward another race?  There should be some psychology behind this to explain this. There is no need for the hate. We all are humans.


I fell asleep at the computer during the day a while ago, and when I woke up, my picture was upside down!!  Not only that, but the mouse worked upside down, too, making it a chore to log out.  I managed that, but when I booted up again, it was

The totalitarians

The current state of political discourse in America displays an ignorance that can only be described as incredible. The political-media elite's hysterical campaign against President Trump h


He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.


Ah motherhood... a journey I always admired when I was younger.  Raising apart of yourself with that special someone you love; that was my dream.  Dream... yes, that's all it was; reality is completely different. (At lease my reality is...)&nb

Three Years...

It has been three years since I have lasted posted, (ok, over three years) and I have found myself over those three years.  Over the last three years I have given birth to a little girl (now I have a boy and a girl), realized I have allowed my fear

Президенти и премиери до Тръмп

Наредените като матрьошки президенти и премиери до Тръмп са лидери на държави, чията обща икономика е по-голяма от американската. В същото време, общите им разходи за отбрана са дв

Каролев : Нов партньор в ПИБ

От "Шумът на парите" днес - Консолидацията на банковия сектор ще повиши възвращаемостта на банките, тъй като те ще ползват икономия от мащаба. Вече го видяхме при Пощенска Банка, в