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Conservative ignorance

Are conservatives ignorant? Oh yes! And I have proof.   Conservatives are anti-abortion, yet they still get abortions. Ignorance? You betcha!   Conservatives are anti-entitlements, but it is the red states that

bila aku mula nak pelik pelik

ohkay aku sebenarnya penat. penat berjalan la pun. memula tu usha kasut kat bata, amik satu kasut power senang malas aku nak bernike ka adidas ka. then pi usha kasut nak get rid kasut reput aku tu. shiok gak la kasut yg aku beli ni tapi kenapala

Dirty Songs

1) Peaches- Fuck the Pain Away   2) Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone- Circle Circle

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Gotta Get Movin'

We're going for a little ride this morning.  Hubby found some really old pictures - probably over 55 years old - that he took when he was a kid around 12 or so, of his youngest uncle's wedding day.  He printed the pictures himself, too. 

White Flag

I started a new school it was great. I saw a picture on Instagram, was this girl she posted a pic of C spamming her n she out heart eyes n kissy faces. An hour later she tags me. Took 4 sleeping pills. Smoked a stoge. Cried my eyes out. Called multiple