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Charles Koch

'Love of Liberty'

Democrats led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have sunk to a new low of late, shamefully singling out and attacking two private citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights. Reid and his ilk have been firing away a

link image preview Charles Koch: I'm Fighting to Restore a Free Society

I have devoted most of my life to understanding the principles that enable people to improve their lives. It is those principles-the prin...

Talking to the moon.

I miss my love so much. Wish he wasn't so far away.   We both love to look up at the star's and moon. And I finally found a song to explain my late night walk's lol. Bruno Mars Talking to the moon lyrics

This is a perfect love Song i guess.. Comment rate and subscribe :-)


You know what the worst feeling when falling for someone you know won't like you back is? You fall anyway hoping there still might be a chance you were wrong about that.  I've fallen and now I just hope someday soon he will be there

My shelter.

Makes me sick knowing the person I've let myself become while with you. The sad part is the hard shell I grew to protect and push me through the hard times that we've struggled against these last two years isn't just my's my shelter....

Making love...again

Reposting the poem that I was pretty fucking proud of that might have gotten my Boops222 account banned...if it offends you, please don't read it. But it's my new baby, and I want to show it off.    Despair, lying naked on silk

Part Two: Sh*t from Misfit's Mind

  Again, please be warned- only for insomniacs or an anyone that's read previous long, rambling, "LET'S GET TO THE FUCKING POINT!" posts from me


This might all be just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, or verbal diarrhea but as the days have gone on so many emotions have pounded on my mental doors and so many thoughts have raced across my mind and now I kind of just need to get it out.