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Truth & Trust

I always wondered how long it would be until the truth came out. Until the beans were spilled. Until I actually heard the words and removed all doubt.   Sitting on the couch minding my own business. My father comes up to me and asks

Take Care Everyone! :-)

"care is the sweetest essence in the world. If someone says take care, it means you live in that person's heart"      Take care everyone! Happy

For a friend.....

Though the skies be dark And the clouds threaten No amount of rain or darkness Will keep your true friends away.   When you seem lost And the path is unwalkable Your friends will carry you thr

Day 55 part 2

This afternoon I walked 5.3 miles (2.65 of it at an incline of 5) and burned 1,158.2 calories. 

Honey +Cinquain+

Following up....I just have a taste for HONEY tonight.  +smiles sweetly+     Honey Placed on the tongue Rolling on the palate Slowly moving down the throat now Yummy!

Je Te Parle

La plupart des filles ont au moins quelques crayons pour ajuster leur rouges à lèvres ! C’est vrai, on peut jamais se passer de tous ces petits trucs qui font la différence !!! D’ailleurs, ces memes petits truc peuvent &

todays problems Aug.01,2014

wELL I WAS going to rant but you do not want that pretty flowers large sail boat 32ft schooler maps and charts of the Carribean / West Atlanic four or maybe five cases of RUM ENOUGH FOOD water medical supplies for 30 days but your house the plac

drowning alone

im drowning in a swimming pool arms stretched out flalling  nobody sees them  nobody notices or is it nobody cares am im that invisible or is it that im nothing i want to be everything to