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THOSE teachers

So everybody had (or has) a teacher they hate. well mine was...lets call her 'Susie' (just in case she might be on here) :D Well when i saw in the 2nd grade Mrs. Susie would grab me by my arms, and leave markings, smack my desk with a ruler,and

A kind of cute skit

Hi guy, I have made a quick cutesy skit with the ap Zoobe. I appologise again for not being abke to just click the link as i mainly use myvphone and it wont allow me to be anything else. Please check it out as i had a ball. Hope


For anyone who may remember her, it appears from FB posts that Damn Pamn has passed away.   Though we never met, you were a kind soul to me.  You went out of your way to help me with a medical problem I had.  I always enjo

The strength has run out...

Part of my mind is just frozen. I'm broken. Yet other parts of my mind are going a hundred miles an hour and exhausting me beyond my strength, beyond anything I've ever had to deal with before.   Never have I ever been so close to s

I Don't Know How to Solve This

If you're illegal, you should be deported.  Not JUST if you're a criminal, but, if you're here illegally and caught.  Period.  But......................

You've got unaccompanied children here illegally, do we just put them on a pl

link image preview US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade

The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006, according to government figures o...

Social Anxiety

Blithering Hell! I have intense soical anxiety and I can't even talk to a camera without freaking out. Okay and being put on the spot terrifies me. People keep saying I should date so and so. Really? Guy friends are friiiieeennnnddds! I can't be in a re

Teaching Hope

Instilling hope within my students is something I believe I will be able to do on a daily basis. I have been practicing the act of encouragement for a few y

10/06/2015 - I need to do something

I see examples of disabled people who do great things and then I look at myself and wonder why I make excuses. The time is now, I can make it happen.  I need to stop trying to be part of who I was and to embrace who I am. I will mov

Quotation For Oct 6, 2015

Sometimes you hear a quotation that just leaves you speechless. It did me, let's see your reaction...        

My true testomony 15

  Chapter 15- scum of the earth If this family tried to take this to the court to help their loved one then a