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we are the wild ones the reckless

hey all! Hope your well its 09:53 am and I'm restless and i have a big mug of coffee by my side. I hate being left alone with my thoughts sometimes like at 4am especially when i know somebody about 5 miles away from me is propbaly waking up and

Harvest the richness

Even when it seems that life is not good to you, be good to life. Even when there is no reason to be positive, live with a positive outlook.

हम और आप

लोकसभा चुनावों के तहत 196 सीटों के लिए वोटिंग होना बाकी है, लेकिन कांग्रेस ने अभी से ही 'मोदी को रोकने' के लिए तरह- तरह के प्लानों पर काम करना शुरू कर दिया है। इनमें से एक प्लान के तहत कांग्रेस चुनावों के बाद एनडीए से बाहर की पार्टियों के साथ गठबंध

I like summer

I love to ride bike. I like how the wind feels against my body when I ride fast. I like summer because the sun's out longer. I can ride the bike longer.

Strong vs Sad Me?

Everyday, I say to myself I'm being strong & then I say I am so sad .  I go back & forth with my emotional level of strength.  When, I think I am making progress in b

It's a new beginning..

Time for a fresh new start in my life. Everything I've been going thru lately, is for something greater. I know that there is a reward in the end because I'm enduring pain and suffering. For I know this too shall pass in Jesus name. I know that all of t

April 25, 2014 – Life Imitates Art…

We all have seen those movies.  Well, maybe MOST of us!  You know.  Those 1930s or 1940s B movies about the Old West.   The standard plot of those movies told the story of dastardly, GReidy,


It's almost summer and I will be out for summer vacation. No, this summer I will not sign up for some bullshit dinosaur English class. We actually wrote about dinosaurs, yes. I want to be on Thoughts more during the summer and I have a feeling that I wi

any friends? :c

I'm really just looking for friends on here to help me familiarize this new blogging stuff and all.. it's so complicated, i'm scared..

he is .........

He is fascinating, happy, sad......! But, The day you told me you love me, the happiest day of my life. Thanks to you, you and I are living together. I like the house that I live in. Thank you, for letting me live

Casinos Most Guarded Secrets and techniques

The techniques with the casinos are usually not the type of strategies which you may well assume. They may be not strategies just like the 3rd slot equipment in just about every row pays each hour, they're much more like points they are d

Fridays note

It was a difficult week. I had many hard thoughts about my future, the comming wedding of my univercity friend and proper health. Every step to advance is arduous for me but i try again and again and i`m not stending I`m going ahead.

A continuation about the annoyance of boys

So following on from my last post I gave the man the cold shoulder last night and he was nice enough to come to bed instead of gaming all nght and now i thinks that has made up for everything. I have had mabye two hours of interaction with him in the la