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Back to Reality

I've gotta go back to school in a day. Christmas is in less than a month and soon enough 2015 will be over and it'll be time for 2016. That's some scary ass crap. To be honest, I haven't done anything worthwhile in 2015. I can't even remember what I've

What I Want.

I want to be on a beach, i want to watch the sun setting.   I want to be there with someone i love.   I want to be there so long, that the sun starts to rise.


This seems to be the only time i feel the need to write. When im having a shit day..   To be honest, i was having a good day, until i got home, lit some candles and listened to a bit of music. I lay here, listening t

one short scifi...

this scifi is also a possible solution.   sometime ago,an advanced civilization landed on a planet. the species there has a bad tradition or custom. then the advanced being isolated the next generation from the socie

"I don't want to run and I can't walk out"

I can think of only one way to start this post, and that is by simply saying: Fuck.This.Shit. I know, such an eloquent way to start a post. Sorry. I don't want this post, or any of my posts really, to come across as, "oh look. Another privileged


RIVOLTA FISCALE: il rifiuto da parte di una significativa quota di cittadinanza di continuare a pagare le tasse ed i tributi imposte dalle istituzioni a causa del loro eccessivo peso in rapporto al reddito complessivo.  

First time doing this

This is my first time doing this.  I thought if I start this it might help with my stress and my anxitey.  So if you follow me i will follow you.  Please leave me a comment just so I know this work. If you dont want to follow thats cool.&


I continue to state that my blog is a place for me to get things off of my chest.  Lately, I have lost countless hours of sleep because my mind will not shut down.  It is becoming an annoyance. I con

A short rant about "Education"

Going back to school tommorow...and I'm going to hate every second of it. Not for the reasons you might think through. I have a very personal grudge with school and anyone who has a hand in it. Everything from tests that prove nothing to rude, inneffect


Life is something you are suppose to cherrish.Like a gift the most precious gift you can have.A lot of people take Life for granted or advantage.You have to take good care of your life or it'll just slip away.Its so easy for you to accept your life,and

I'm back bitches!! :)

Haha just kidding, you guys aren't bitches, to be honest some of you guys mean alot to me. I'm sorry I haven't been posting or talking, it's been kinda crazy and busy.  How was all of your guys thanksgiving? To be honest mine was rough, it'

Thyroid Edge

Not sure how many of you remember my struggles with thyroid problems but I found something that has really helped. It's called Thyroid Edge. It's an all natural supplement that 'supports thyroid function. I've been using it for a while and I am really i


why we fear failure ? why do people give up ? why some people are rich , happy and successful while others are sad , alone and broke ? which is the wealthiest place in th SHUT UP & FACE YOUR FEARS

You all have fear of failure , you are afraid to live and you are afraid of dying such a beautiful way to exist right , it's time to move...

The Non Traditional Thanksgiving

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I had no family, no turkey, no pumpkin anything nor did I watch a parade or a football game. Before ya feel sad you should know that 1) traditional thanksg