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Report: Donald Trump Overrides Betsy DeVos’ Support for Obama’s Pro-Transgender Policy

Report: Donald Trump Overrides Betsy DeVos’ Support for Obama’s Pro-Transgender Policy


Donald Trump’s education secretary opposed changing President Barack Obama’s pro-transgender policy, according to a report

link image preview Report: Donald Trump Overrides Betsy DeVos' Support for Obama's Pro-Transgender Policy - Breitbart

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER But Attorney General Jeff Sessions prevailed in the closed-door dispute, and with aid from Trump, persuaded Ed...

Not, Deep Breath, My Best Day

Today is NOT my best day.  I find myself struggling to....................keep breathing, to not cry.  Crying was left behind years ago.  Today, small chuckle, is................hard.  I roll my head on my neck, I shrug my shoulders, * miss peregrine's || wish that you were here * #staypeculiar

material from 20th century fox *720p for Best Quality* - headphoness - Thanks for watching! This is my new video for #MissPeregrinesHomeF...

Who Belongs in Trump's America NY Times

"Trump has divided OUR Country where we have Jewish Children's Ctrs getting bomb threats, Jewish Cemetries being destroyed, mass deportation of Mexicans, banning Muslims, disparaging blacks, Liberals and calling t

Of Pre-Social Rights

“It is the very notion of ‘innate’ or pre-social rights possessed

Regert Nohting And You Have Everyting To Loose

If you are worried that work or family will see something you've posted on a social media site then don't post it.Don't complain about your job or family or friends if you don't want it to come back to bite you on the ass.Don't post stupid shit

Denying freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is under attack. Its enemies are legion. Freedom of speech is opposed by liberals (which is ironic), by politicians, by the corporate media, by celebrities, by scientists

Death and Dying

So my guess is that this post will not get to many clicks because of the title.  This is just an experiment to see what people are interested in.  I've found that most people are not interested in death and dying.  Some seem to find it "u

Feb 27, 2017

I am kind of lost this morning. Lost and alone. Depression wracks me. The beast is back. No panic attacks though but I did have a headache when I got up. I slept too deeply I think. It was like I was dead. The headache was probably from that. It started

Feb 25, 2017

I had a rough morning. Very rough. Not due to anything going on around me. No. I was dissociating big time. Haven't done that in a long, long time. It's kind of eerie when it happens. Sort of like a functioning blackout I guess. Where I have gaps in tim

Feb 26, 2017

It is a good day as these days go. Depression is light, almost gone. The beast is quiet. No panic attacks, only a slight headache this morning and no more dissociating. All told I am in good shape. I slept well too but after a daywork that is not surpri

Simple Philosophy

One day in philosophy class they spent a great deal of time debating whether the glass was half full or half empty. After the class, one student was feeling pretty good about himself and what he was learning at university, so when he went home he tried

W on T

We know the Bush clan isn't a fan of Trump, but W. was the man he aught to be when interviewed this weekend. He said "give him a chance." W. has shown himself to be the classiest living former President aside from his dad, he makes a point of not gettin