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Mankind and Creation

How likely is it, really, that a galaxy that can produce space-faring creatures such as us, has ever and will only ever produce one such entity? Because it is such a neat trick some scientists maintain that it must be a rare occurrence, rare en

What's Really Wrong

So I finally forced his hand at doing a change of address.  I took his mail to the post office.   When he emailed me about it,  I let him know that.   I've now blocked all lines of communication.   Granted it's just of my everpr

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Day 6

Day 6...nice.  Smoothie:  Pineapple Spinach.  Good...if you like spinach and pineapple.  Love pineapple!  It was easy to drink the smoothie throughout the whole day.  I did mix in water and had to go to the restroom 5 times

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An ABC Studios Production

Did you know that many hit primetime series produced by ABC Studios have the tagline "An ABC Studios Production" at the beginning of the opening sequence? The Amazing Race Cougar Town Desperate Housewives Flash Forward Gary Unmarried Grey's Anatomy...

A day at my fathers house.

Hello everyone. I talk a lot about the things that i did as a child. Well now I'm going to share with you, a story about something that happened to me when I sixteen. So its just a bit more recent. I'm 19.

chris brown ;)

this man sure does know how to make some good ass " love making " music... the moment i put that cd on damnn i just wanted to sex my babe up! lol  i love it !!    these songs are now all my fave! 1. 2012 2.

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Every time I get close to my time of the month my emotions go crazy. I usually feel like im drifting away. like I have no one to lean on or love. I hate this feeling I hate feeling like no one will ever want me or like my friends will leave me the secon

I want to travel

Ok this isn't the first time I have wanted this. Nor is it some teenage dream that I'll give up in a month. No this is somthing I have truly wanted for a long time and now im going to try to make it happen. The only thing I need is a group. It t

ABC's of My Life

ABCs of My Life   Always wondering where I’m headed Because we’re tol

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Boredom Punched Me. Sad.

Hello My Little Thoughtlings. =] Today I have been bitten by the boredom bug, it hurts. I finished New Moon. Now I reeeeeaally wanna read eclipse! lol. It's bad cause you know what I do when i'm bored?....Lol....I eat. Nasty little habit