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Poker night my ass..

Well, Ezra's at his poker night. I found out, however, it's not really much of a poker night. It's a stoner night. Yup, one of his mates got dope and they're all getting off their faces. He

Courtesy and Respect

I am a cook. That is what I do for a living and that is what I am going to school for. I love what I do. It makes me happy knowing that I am able to creat something and have it bring so much joy to someone else. I mean I love eating my food also, but I


Can words express the hurt I feel? I pinch myself, and yet,  it’s real.

chiken little

Title is dual Had what was thought to be an alarm but was some chick was burning out her room. And I chickened out!!! Feet are killing me. Walking around New York all after noon. and evening. T^T too tired to

Memoires 30

College days end – but now what? By April 19

taste the tears

this isn't something i'm ever going to completely get over.. i really believe that. i wasn't expecting anything like this to happen.. no one does. when are things ever going to get better? ugh, i don't know what to do with myself! hopefully tom

Tail wagging the dog

We're three months into a new year, and two months with a new President. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our President. Every talk show host is having a field day, suggesting he's stupid, turning his tweets into jokes. Really? Does anyone truly believe

David Dunn...I Wanna Go Back

My day ended well.    Matty is scared of my new shoes.  I bought them over the wknd.  They're generic BOBs and all black.  When I picked him up this evening from his grandmother's, as soon as he saw them he David Dunn - I Wanna Go Back (Official Music Video)

Get "I Wanna Go Back" on iTunes: LYRICS: When I was a kid I was sure I could run across the ocean And I w...


I bought some new clothes.  To be exact, I bought three blouses and a strapless bra.  They arrived today in one of those blue plastic pouches.  Everything came, it's the right size and the right color and everything fits.  Yay! 

Russia, Russia, Russia...

It is like the lousy PC mass media (MSM) has nothing else to talk about these days! It is always the same old, same old, Russia, Russia, Russia narrative...

Describing stuff

I'm not good at describing things that I see.  If it's a big scene, like a landscape, I'm intimidated by the task.  I don't know where to begin.  But I know if I practice I will get better, so I will practice by beginning very small. &nbs

Uh Huh

So, here it goes.  I got tormented online because I looked at pictures and videos of a guy and decided he was "fuckable'.  Okay.  So what?  How many other women probably think the same thing, and about how many different men?  W

Of Velocity

  “The theories of Isaac Newton and of James Clerk Maxwell appear to contradi