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If You Celebrate July Fourth . . .

. . . you should realize that you can't honestly celebrate both Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence) and Abraham Lincoln (author of the Corwin Amendment). T

Propaganda by silence

Donald Trump's launch of tomahawk cruise missiles on Syria in April was greeted by the corporate media with cheers of approval. The attack was allegedly made in retaliation for a chemical w

Trump'S Foreign Policy'S Fatal FLAW

So far Trump has alienated Australia, spurred Saudi ambitions in the Middle East, destabilized the NATO alliance, slapped the world in the face by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, adversely affected  world order, insulted Mexico and antag

Supreme Being Worship

Is human tendancy to believe in a Supreme Being due to our social animal instincts?   This is a thought provoking video.  

Max Beckmann The Old and the New

Beckmann (1884-1950) is a painter, who was well established in the art world, and who many say is one of the most important to modern German painting(1). He is one of my favourites; however the work I’m interested in is

Jump Ship?

I've never wanted to just run away from something so bad in my life! I can't stand this job any longer, and what's worse, is that if I did just go and "jump ship," it would be at my familie's expense. If I quit/walk away right now, I may be happy that I

Christians by Maya Angelou

Wonderful poem. It expresses the limitations we have as not only Christians but as humans seeking a higher calling while stumbling through life, failings, good intentions and all.


So, we've been friends for a while(or maybe just a few seconds, but whatever), so I might as well share this with you: I am invisible. To a LOT of people. I don't really know why. Maybe its the fact that I think a little

Driver download game pc yugi

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Unicef Ambassador

Leon Lai, one of Hong Kong’s most popular male singers and actors, was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in July 1994. Lai's association with UNICEF began in 1993, when he helped launch a project to eradicate polio in China. With his strong

So much better now.

Justin is talking to me again. This is lifting so much off my shoulders now. Definitely feeling cautious and taking things slow though.   On another note, I joined this DateMySchool site, it's a dating site for college students and

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                12) As-Sayed Razi ad-Din Abu’l-Qasim ‘Ali ibn Musa ibn Tawus al-Husayni al-Hulli (d. 664 A.H) has re

8 Things Every Child Should Experience.

I am on this "moms only" website and I came across this post of 8 things every kid should experience. Of course my baby is only 3 months old so I couldn't say my ba

The good & evil society concepts

Is society good or evil?   the words good and evil can't be used in regards to something like society because they are underplaying their meanings ultimately by the people using them. They just forget where those concepts came to be

Trump Care?

Even a delay is a victory when it comes to this heinous bill.

i'm doing well

i've stuck to my 500 calorie a day limit, been to hip hop dance class, done 30 minutes of weights and 180 stomach crunches. i hope i've done enough to lose some weight, i weighed myself today, 8st 5lbs!!! i knew i would be punished for my binge but...

Which of your body parts do you love?

There is a thread about body part/parts you hate. I thought today's society is too negative so I wanted to balance it out with a thread about which body part you love. I think in today's society postitive self image has now been looked down upon...