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I fell asleep at the computer during the day a while ago, and when I woke up, my picture was upside down!!  Not only that, but the mouse worked upside down, too, making it a chore to log out.  I managed that, but when I booted up again, it was

The Karaoke Kid

I don't go out much, I pretty much like to hang out on my back patio, drink beer, sip bourbon, smoke cigars, a

Corporate media censorship

One of the many propaganda tactics utilised by the corporate media is simply ignoring stories that do not fit with their preferred narratives. The case of Ibrahim Al F is one such story.

The totalitarians

The current state of political discourse in America displays an ignorance that can only be described as incredible. The political-media elite's hysterical campaign against President Trump h


I am so depressed tonight. It is 1:30am EST. I am here feeling more alone than ever. Men are just too hard to deal with. They don't really care about anyone, but themselves. Oh yeah, they act all nice, sweet, and cari

My "Go To" Song

Make of it what you will.  I don't care. Every time I hate myself, make a mistake, ROCK something awesome....................this is my song.  HUGE SMILE  When I it and grin and bitch and moan. ha ha ha........... is under attack!

The most popular "right wing" web site on the Internet that is challenging Twitter and Google is down and under attack right now!

Something I Will Never Understand

One things that has been baffling me for the last couple of years is the fact that why people have so much hate toward another race?  There should be some psychology behind this to explain this. There is no need for the hate. We all are humans.


He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.

Long time no see

Been a few.... I have been insanely busy and overseeing a huge project in another state.... Kind of insane flying back and forth or driving Not much in terms of "down time" for writing....

Model diet.

Connor told me about on of his ex girlfriends who was a model and what diet she used to eat she used to have a 1500. 1200. Then an 800 day and cycle like that. I want to do that. He said she starte