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Here are the Democrats Who are Skipping Trump’s Inauguration

Here are the Democrats Who are Skipping Trump’s Inauguration


Dozens of Democratic lawmakers announced they would not attend the inauguration after legendary civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis stated that he do

link image preview Here are the Democrats Who are Skipping Trump's Inauguration - Breitbart

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER The majority of them are from the deep blue state of California. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER According to Roll ...

The End of an Error.

Yeah, I'm congratulating myself on such a witty title.  The fact that a million OTHER people have thought of it ... well, I don't CARE, haha!  Obama is going to be history very shortly.  And for t

Chapter One: Will blogging really help?

I'm not the greatest writer, yet here I sit wondering will blogging really help? I am a virgin blogger, today is my first attempt. Will anyone be interested and does it really matter if their not! Just to be able to express yourself and pour out those t

La La Land

I had the opportunity to watch the new movie with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, La La Land.  It lasted over 2 hours and I am still undecided how I felt about it. It was gr


Dad (my father-in-law) will be 95 on the 26th of January.  It's hard to believe that he's still chugging along, but he is, and he shows no signs of going anywhere but straight ahead!  He doesn't get out, other than to go to his various doctors

Trump, Making America Work Again, while Democrats, Obama Laying new Land Mines

General Motors Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment.

Auto maker’s move is expected to create more than 1,000 new jobs.



link image preview General Motors Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment

General Motors Co. this week will announce plans to invest at least $1 billion across several U.S. factories, two people familiar with th...

Best or Worst

I left my job , moved out of my mama's house .... I moved into my boyfriend's (i've only been with him for a week) it feels so right emotionally , phsycially , and mentally . but morally it feels wrong , like i might get bad karma for doing it ..... i d

We Can't Please Everyone

That's just fact.  I can't believe some guys from my hometown still think it is funny that they used to break our fence and egg the damn house.  God, I hate douchebags.

Today In Math.....

Today in math a boy had a question about a math problem then the teacher said ''I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW AND NEITHER ARE YOU.''  


Today the math teacher SLAPPED A KID IN THE FACE WITH A RULER.